Sister Brides // The Farmhouse McKinney

Sisters getting married within a month can be quite the stress with everything that needs completed and scheduled. So Lindsey and McKenzie decided to simplify their life and make their bridal session easier and more fun by doing it together. It was great! They were both there making each other laugh, feeding off each other, and making it fun. Girls will tell you that a bridal session can often feel awkward. All the attention and pictures of just you. So having your sister not just there, but doing it with you, made it super fun! So instead of posting their pictures separate, here is our double bridal session with these two amazing sisters at The Farmhouse McKinney.

Sister Brides_6465.jpg

Sister Brides_6466.jpg

Sister Brides_6467.jpg

Sister Brides_6468.jpg

Sister Brides_6469.jpg

Sister Brides_6470.jpg

Sister Brides_6471.jpg

Sister Brides_6472.jpg

Sister Brides_6473.jpg

Sister Brides_6474.jpg

Sister Brides_6475.jpg

Sister Brides_6476.jpg

Sister Brides_6477.jpg

Sister Brides_6478.jpg

Sister Brides_6479.jpg

Sister Brides_6480.jpg

Sister Brides_6481.jpg

Sister Brides_6482.jpg

Sister Brides_6483.jpg

Sister Brides_6484.jpg

Sister Brides_6485.jpg

Sister Brides_6486.jpg

Sister Brides_6487.jpg

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