School Teacher Engagement Session

Covid and wedding planning is sure a mess for everyone involved. But there is an extra layer of challenge for Larry and Sarah. Two teachers who are trying to figure out their schooling situation all while fitting in their engagement shoot before the virtual + in person school combo platter begins. It is like teaching twice, handling covid, and planning/preparing for a wedding. Crazy! 

With all that going on, it was so fun to just hang out with them. So easy going and easy to talk to. We just strolled through Lakeside & Prather Park and enjoyed an unusually cool summer morning. Spending some time with them was a breath of fresh air after so much quarantine and digital everything. It got me excited about their fall wedding at Avalon Legacy Ranch. Fingers crossed for no more covid hurdles. These hard working teachers need at least 1 thing to go as planned. Lucky for them, they have Each and Every Detail by their side as they plan in these crazy times.

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State Fair of Texas engagement pictures

State Fair of Texas is back! yLast year I got to enjoy the Dallas State Fair with a camera in one hand and a corn dog in the other. These 2 lovebirds love the fair, so they wanted to do a casual & fun engagement shoot their before their Dallas wedding. So that is exactly what we did: played games, rode the rides, ate the food, discovered new things that can be fried, and said hello to Big Tex…all while taking engagement pictures.

So while some people are at their computer wondering: is the State Fair worth it? How much are tickets at the State Fair? What is the best thing to eat at the State Fair? What is your favorite thing to do at the State Fair? Parking at the State Fair. Hours of the State Fair….and many more things that run through peoples heads….we were out just having a blast and making memories!  So cheers to another great year at Fair Park enjoying Big Tex and all this delicious food.
state fair engagement shoot_2075.jpg

state fair engagement shoot_2076.jpg

state fair engagement shoot_2078.jpg

state fair engagement shoot_2077.jpg

state fair engagement shoot_2080.jpg

state fair engagement shoot_2079.jpg