Thomas and Leslie’s Winter Wedding at Avalon Legacy Ranch // McKinney, TX

With the world in the state that it is currently in, I find myself looking back on how things used to be, not that long ago! This week, I’ve been looking back on February of this year. Avalon Legacy Ranch was my home away from home in February of 2020. This wedding venue always gives us a beautiful backdrop and perfect weather for winter weddings. Getting married in the winter is always a risk, but these two hit the jackpot with their spring esc weather.

Thomas and Leslie got married at Avalon Legacy Ranch at the end of February, and it was beautiful! Their friends, family, and dog were there to celebrate! And after tying the knot, these two got on the dance floor and danced the night away, celebrating the beginning of their marriage!

beautiful winter ranch wedding_0497.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0494.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0495.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0500.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0502.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0512.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0511.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0523.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0514.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0515.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0513.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0521.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0535.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0528.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0532.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0538.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0533.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0518.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0531.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0530.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0541.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0546.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0548.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0560.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0563.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0559.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0509.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0506.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0507.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0508.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0543.jpg
beautiful winter ranch wedding_0557.jpg

Katy & Austin’s Charming Spring Wedding // Rustic Grace Estate

I can’t wait to get back to weddings! Spring weddings in Dallas are some of my favorites because the weather can be perfect and the sun just seems more magical. This spring wedding was at the end of a very wet winter and cold start to spring, so it was a good surprise to see the clouds part and the sun shining for Katy and Austin! They chose to get married at a charming and very Texas wedding venue filled with beautiful trees, a pond, cattle, horses, and a 10 year old red barn with a chapel next door. It is no secret that I love shooting weddings out a Rustic Grace! And when spring comes rolling in, the land there just seems to be smiling with anticipation of all the spring blooms and weather.

Katy and Austin have been together for so long, you could tell they really knew each other, loved each other, and had anticipating their wedding for a long time! And on a day that is filled with anticipation and nerves, Austin was the perfect companion to his bride, keeping her laughing and smiling all night. Their smiles radiated through the day. From the ceremony to the grand exit, these two and all their guests had a blast out at Rustic Grace estates. If you are looking for a place to tie the knot in the spring or just want to see how happy a spring wedding makes everyone, check out some of their wedding photos below!

Spring Wedding_5557.jpg

Spring Wedding_5558.jpg

Spring Wedding_5559.jpg

Spring Wedding_5560.jpg

Spring Wedding_5561.jpg

Spring Wedding_5562.jpg

Spring Wedding_5563.jpg

Spring Wedding_5564.jpg

Spring Wedding_5565.jpg

Spring Wedding_5566.jpg

Spring Wedding_5567.jpg

Spring Wedding_5568.jpg

Spring Wedding_5569.jpg

Spring Wedding_5570.jpg

Spring Wedding_5571.jpg

Spring Wedding_5572.jpg

Spring Wedding_5573.jpg

Spring Wedding_5574.jpg

Spring Wedding_5575.jpg

Spring Wedding_5576.jpg

Spring Wedding_5577.jpg

Spring Wedding_5578.jpg

Spring Wedding_5579.jpg

Spring Wedding_5580.jpg

Spring Wedding_5581.jpg

Spring Wedding_5582.jpg

Spring Wedding_5583.jpg

Spring Wedding_5584.jpg

Spring Wedding_5585.jpg

Spring Wedding_5586.jpg

Spring Wedding_5587.jpg

Spring Wedding_5588.jpg

Spring Wedding_5589.jpg

Spring Wedding_5590.jpg

Spring Wedding_5591.jpg

Spring Wedding_5592.jpg

Spring Wedding_5593.jpg

Spring Wedding_5594.jpg

Spring Wedding_5595.jpg

Spring Wedding_5596.jpg

Spring Wedding_5597.jpg

Spring Wedding_5598.jpg

Spring Wedding_5599.jpg

Spring Wedding_5600.jpg

Spring Wedding_5601.jpg

Spring Wedding_5602.jpg

Spring Wedding_5603.jpg

Spring Wedding_5604.jpg

Spring Wedding_5605.jpg

Spring Wedding_5606.jpg

Spring Wedding_5607.jpg

Spring Wedding_5608.jpg

Spring Wedding_5609.jpg

Spring Wedding_5610.jpg

Spring Wedding_5611.jpg

Spring Wedding_5612.jpg

Spring Wedding_5613.jpg

Spring Wedding_5614.jpg

Spring Wedding_5615.jpg

Spring Wedding_5616.jpg

Spring Wedding_5617.jpg

Spring Wedding_5618.jpg

Spring Wedding_5619.jpg

Spring Wedding_5620.jpg

Eric & Michelle’s Unique Arcade Engagement Session // PINSTACK Arcade – Allen, TX

Missing weddings and engagements right now, so here’s a look back at a fun arcade engagement session! That is what Michelle and Eric wanted, so that is what we did! We talked with the folks over at PINSTACK in Allen and they were so great to work with! We got to take photos playing arcade games, pinball, laser tag, and even did a little bumper cars. It was so fun and unique to do an engagement session just north of Dallas for these two. Now we have to wait for their fall wedding!
unique fun engagement session_0479.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0478.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0481.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0485.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0484.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0470.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0472.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0490.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0489.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0488.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0487.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0491.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0474.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0486.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0492.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0483.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0476.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0475.jpg
unique fun engagement session_0482.jpg

quarantine covid-19

Coming out of Quarantine Sale!

COVID-19 has all us photographers itching to get out of quarentine. It is so hard to just wait! Well good news. As of May 1, we can partially open up! Obviously, large weddings are still a no go, but we are having a few sales to get back out there and give you some chances to get back in front of the camera!

quarantine covid-20

Let me come to you and snap a few pictures on your front porch. We will never forget this season…why not grab a few pictures of it!

BARN SESSIONS $145 (was $350)
Come to our 100 year old red barn & farmhouse for a mini session

FAMILY SESSIONS $295 (was $465)
Want a full session at the location of your choosing? Let’s do it!

GIFT CARDS 20% off
Save money and give a gift that will last past quarantine.

1 ON 1 TRAINING $95 (was $300)
Always wanted to learn photography? These 1-on-1 consultations are about you and what you want to learn. We will socially distance outside our farmhouse studio and learn, practice, and grow. Camera skills, business advise, wedding photography, posing, or even how to take better photos at home. You name it, the time is yours.

*not valid with any other offer or previously booked sessions

Notice regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to monitor and abide by the government issued orders in regards to gathering and events. As of May 1 we are officially back open for sessions (engagements, family, head shots, bridals) and small weddings!