The Springs in Weatherford | Tyler and Haley

The Springs in Weatherford is where Tyler and Haley decided to have their beautiful wedding. Tyler and Haley were all about candid photos and capturing the moments they wanted to remember most from their wedding day. If you know anything about my style of photography, this is what I am all about. Nothing is more refreshing than capturing the essence of a couple’s relationship with one another on their wedding day. It is this day that changes their relationship forever, and it is those moments that are worth saving. It was so cool to see two people entering into this eternal covenant with one another.

They decided to keep tradition and not have the bride and groom see each other before the walk down the isle, but the couple did want to have some time between the two of them before the ceremony. It was an outdoor wedding and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect! Family and friends celebrated the union with much love and excitement.

Shanice and Marcus Engagement_2161.jpg

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The McKinney Cotton Mill and Greek Orthodox wedding

The McKinney Cotton Mill and a Greek Orthodox Church wedding are usually not mentioned in the same sentence. Weddings, though, are all about making things unique to you. The venues chosen are super important to couples. Ethan and Dimi wanted to include their love of the look and style of the McKinney Cotton Mill with the tradition of Dimi’s home church.  So we began in a traditional Greek Orthodox church with a traditional ceremony.  After performing the traditional Greek orthodox rituals, the priest pronounced them husband and wife. This concluded the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church ceremony. 

At the McKinney Cotton mill we began with photos on the 2nd floor of the mill. The giant windows, columns, and massive amount of light made this the perfect spot for photos! After this, we headed to the reception room at the McKinney Cotton Mill to start the celebration. They started with their first dance and then opened up the dance floor for some traditional Greek dancing. The floor was packed all night! 

It was so fun to combine their church traditions with The McKinney cotton mill! These two had such a fun wedding day and left their wedding in a sports car towards downtown McKinney. Here is a preview of their wedding: 

Laura and Omar | Magnolia Grace Ranch Winter Wedding

Magnolia Grace in Lenard (east of McKinney and Princeton)  was the perfect location for Laura and Omar’s wedding. They picked the location because of its natural beauty outside, the simplicity of the building, and how many people it could hold. Laura and Omar were expecting hundreds of people to fill the room to celebrate with them and witness their wedding. But COVID.

But COVID has been the unfortunate way to describe how things were supposed to be and how they are. A guest count of 250 was dwindled down to around 60 because of how many guest would have needed to travel far distance to make it to their wedding at Magnolia Grace. Planes and hotels were just too much risk for many, and so they would just join the live feed to still see their wedding. I am so grateful for technology, that even through distance and quarantine, we can connect and be a part of big moments.
Despite the change in guest count, they had a wedding that was full of energy, love, and joy. Those who were able to make it made the couple feel as if there were 250 people there. The energy and excitement was palatable. These two were well celebrated and well loved! What a joy it was to photograph their wedding at Magnolia Grace! Here are some of the pictures from that day:

magnolia grace ranch dallas_3049.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3050.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3051.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3052.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3053.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3054.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3055.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3056.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3057.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3058.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3059.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3060.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3061.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3062.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3063.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3064.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3065.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3066.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3067.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3068.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3069.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3070.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3071.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3072.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3073.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3074.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3075.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3076.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3077.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3078.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3079.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3080.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3081.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3082.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3083.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3084.jpg
magnolia grace ranch dallas_3085.jpg

School Teacher Engagement Session

Covid and wedding planning is sure a mess for everyone involved. But there is an extra layer of challenge for Larry and Sarah. Two teachers who are trying to figure out their schooling situation all while fitting in their engagement shoot before the virtual + in person school combo platter begins. It is like teaching twice, handling covid, and planning/preparing for a wedding. Crazy! 

With all that going on, it was so fun to just hang out with them. So easy going and easy to talk to. We just strolled through Lakeside & Prather Park and enjoyed an unusually cool summer morning. Spending some time with them was a breath of fresh air after so much quarantine and digital everything. It got me excited about their fall wedding at Avalon Legacy Ranch. Fingers crossed for no more covid hurdles. These hard working teachers need at least 1 thing to go as planned. Lucky for them, they have Each and Every Detail by their side as they plan in these crazy times.

stone crest wedding venue_2920.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2918.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2919.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2927.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2924.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2922.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2917.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2923.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2921.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2926.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2929.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2925.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2928.jpg