Covid weddings can happen | Laura and Ben’s Rustic Grace Wedding

Are you considering a weekday wedding? Are you worried that your guests won’t dance or your friends might leave early? These are things many couples consider, and to answer that question I give you Laura, Ben, and their friends at Rustic Grace Estate wedding venue. Not every weekday wedding is like this, but if you have the right group of friends, your wedding will go on as long as you can handle! This group of friends stayed out on the dance floor for hours, literally wearing themselves out! 

They had everything working against them when it came to having a weekday wedding: coronavirus, Monday, and number restrictions. But that didn’t stop them from celebrating. After all, celebrating isn’t about the numbers, it is about the wedding. Here are some of the wedding photos from their night…Monday night….wedding. Enjoy! And maybe it is time for you to consider a weekday wedding 🙂 

rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0507.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0508.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0503.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0509.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0504.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0505.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0514.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0525.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0526.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0516.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0518.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0519.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0517.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0522.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0523.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0524.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0521.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0532.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0529.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0530.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0533.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0506.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0531.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0534.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0536.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0537.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0539.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0543.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0541.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0544.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0555.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0553.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0552.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0551.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0554.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0560.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0558.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0562.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0557.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0563.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0571.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0572.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0574.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0578.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0579.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0580.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0582.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0583.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0584.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0587.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0586.jpg
rustic grace wedding venue photographer_0588.jpg

Video Game Wedding at The Springs McKinney

Ever heard of a video game themed wedding? Well, this wedding at The Springs Event Venue (Tuscany Hill) in McKinney made sure to incorporate their love of gaming. We started their wedding photos with an engagement shoot at a local arcade. As a wedding photographer, unique shoots like this really stir the creativity and make it so fun! But who couldn’t have fun taking photos of a fun couple playing bumper cars, laser tag, and pinball It was amazing! 

Their wedding had some of the most unique details to incorporate their love of gaming. From signs made out of video game controllers to 8 bit graphics everywhere. It was incredibly creative and perfectly them! Their wedding was fun, laid back, and full of smiles. 

Here is a little preview of their wedding photos, their love of gaming, and the creative way they brought it all together!

video game wedding at the springs_0590.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0589.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0592.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0601.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0603.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0604.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0607.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0606.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0610.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0612.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0617.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0614.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0627.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0625.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0630.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0622.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0623.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0626.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0632.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0634.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0635.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0636.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0638.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0637.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0642.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0643.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0649.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0650.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0652.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0648.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0645.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0647.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0644.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0654.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0653.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0658.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0656.jpg
video game wedding at the springs_0659.jpg

Michelle + Alden | The Springs McKinney Wedding

Michelle and Alden got married at The Springs in McKinney on a beautiful fall day. As a wedding photographer, there are certain weddings that you just really look forward to, and this was one of those weddings. There is just something about these two that is inspiring and it was such an honor to be a part of their wedding. 

After an engagement session at The Farmhouse Mckinney, M + A weathered the coronavirus pandemic amazingly. Not only were they in the final months of planning a wedding, but they are both Costco workers who day after day worked their tail off to made sure their customers got what they needed during the pandemic. Like I said, these two are truly inspiring! 

The wedding was full of laughter, joy, and oozed with love. It just seemed that everyone there was in awe of these two. Honored to be there and excited to celebrate their love and marriage. The Springs In McKinney was the perfect location for their wedding, and they loved every minute of it! Here is a little preview of their wedding photos.

the springs mckinney winter wedding_0423.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0415.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0495.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0417.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0497.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0424.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0422.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0425.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0416.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0420.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0431.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0438.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0414.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0445.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0453.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0450.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0498.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0500.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0448.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0454.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0501.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0463.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0462.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0419.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0436.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0418.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0467.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0466.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0471.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0474.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0472.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0473.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0475.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0479.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0485.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0470.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0476.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0487.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0480.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0484.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0488.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0483.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0490.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0469.jpg
the springs mckinney winter wedding_0493.jpg

The Grand McKinney Wedding, Madion and Brad’s Wedding

After their wedding at The Grand Hotel in McKinney, Brad and Madison allowed me to have a first as a wedding photographer. Before we get to that, let’s talk a little about these two Aggies and their wedding!

Madison and Brad are both Aggies and were in the Corps of Cadets at A&M. And as an Aggie myself, this was such a fun wedding to be a part of. As I arrived, the Aggies were just finishing winning their game…always a good start to the day. After getting ready at The Grand Hotel in McKinney, their wedding went off without a hitch. Their friend officiated and made the ceremony personal and meaningful. Surrounded by their friends and family with some tuned in from afar (yay technology. Boo covid), they got married and danced the night away. This was a group that loved old music, which was really neat. Guests of all ages were out on the dance floor all night!

After the wedding Brad and Madison wanted to do something special. They wanted to go to the place where Brad’s parents met: In & Out. So there we were at a fast food restaurant at midnight grabbing a shake and snapping some photos. It was so much fun! I always love doing things that are meaningful and different. Here is a sneak peak of their McKinney wedding at The Grand Hotel.


the grand mckinney wedding_0322.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0323.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0324.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0331.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0330.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0332.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0326.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0327.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0333.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0325.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0335.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0343.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0341.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0340.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0315.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0346.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0361.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0375.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0387.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0392.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0386.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0379.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0393.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0378.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0407.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0399.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0372.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0402.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0371.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0359.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0385.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0394.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0396.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0384.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0410.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0411.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0412.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0348.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0351.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0350.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0413.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0316.jpg
the grand mckinney wedding_0352.jpg

Notice regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to monitor and abide by the government issued orders in regards to gathering and events. As of May 1 we are officially back open for sessions (engagements, family, head shots, bridals) and small weddings!