Mini Farmhouse Barn Engagement Session // McKinney, TX

Wedding delayed because of COVID. You have heard the story all too often. Too many lives have been put on hold. Weddings changed. And too much waiting. This virus has shaken life as we know it. But it can’t stop love…and it can’t stop people from wanting to capture that love!

Grace and Matt came out to the farmhouse barn for a little mini engagement session. They couldn’t get married but they could still have some photos taken to remember this time of their life. The wedding will happen next year, and until then they will restart the wedding planning process.

farmhouse barn engagement session_1562.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1560.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1561.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1563.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1567.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1568.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1565.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1553.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1554.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1564.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1559.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1556.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1557.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1558.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1590.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1547.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1544.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1576.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1575.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1541.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1550.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1540.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1539.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1542.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1573.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1572.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1570.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1571.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1589.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1588.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1582.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1581.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1586.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1585.jpg
farmhouse barn engagement session_1583.jpg

Mother Daughter Backyard Photo Session // McKinney, TX

Sam wanted some photos of her and her girls after some of the business restrictions for photographers were lifted in McKinney. They wanted some photos in their yard before they move to a new home.

Sam and I met almost 10 years ago on a trip to Guatemala where we helped serve in an orphanage there. Through the years we have stayed in touch, and has been so neat to see her girls grow up. Here is a little preview of Sam and her girls. There is something just so sweet about a mom and daughter photography session!

backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1523.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1493.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1497.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1498.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1491.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1511.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1510.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1521.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1520.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1522.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1502.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1501.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1500.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1505.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1503.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1504.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1508.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1509.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1529.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1519.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1518.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1517.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1514.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1516.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1515.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1525.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1526.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1532.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1533.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1534.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1536.jpg
backyard mother daughter photoshoot_1538.jpg

A Surprise McKinney Proposal

This proposal at the McKinney Cotton Mill was such a joy to be a part of. Collin had the whole thing planned out, including a party afterwards with family and friends. Collin reserved the Mckinney Cotton mill for both the proposal and the party, and it was such ia beautiful setting. 

Collin proposed on the bridge by the outdoor ceremony site and The Cotton Mill. This McKinney proposal incredible and it was clear that he surprised her! Oh…and she said yes! 

mckinney wedding venue proposal_0007.jpg
mckinney wedding venue proposal_0008.jpg
mckinney wedding venue proposal_0010.jpg
mckinney wedding venue proposal_0011.jpg
mckinney wedding venue proposal_0012.jpg
mckinney wedding venue proposal_0009.jpg

Historic Red Barn Family Portraits // The Farmhouse McKinney

Wedding Photography and Family Portraits go hand and hand these days. Years ago (pre-covid…which seems like decades ago) we shot Mary and Michael’s wedding at Chestnut Square in McKinney. Their wedding was colorful, beautiful, and full of smiles. 3 years and 1 kid later and they are just as happy as they were on their wedding day. Life has changed for them, but their love of life and joy in the little things keeps them going. We went from a historic wedding venue in Chestnut Square to the old historic red barn at The Farmhouse McKinney. Here is a little preview of their family photos in the time of COVID.
red barn summer family portraits_1462.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1463.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1465.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1466.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1442.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1469.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1445.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1441.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1461.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1460.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1444.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1453.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1447.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1451.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1452.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1457.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1455.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1454.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1459.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1458.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1472.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1485.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1477.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1488.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1473.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1486.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1484.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1474.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1489.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1479.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1490.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1480.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1483.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1487.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1471.jpg

Notice regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to monitor and abide by the government issued orders in regards to gathering and events. As of May 1 we are officially back open for sessions (engagements, family, head shots, bridals) and small weddings!