Shelbie & Kaleb’s Emotional Rustic Grace Wedding // Van Alsytne, TX

Another emotional wedding and another day I am incredibly honored to be a wedding photographer. Wedding photography isn’t just about capturing the moments that happen during the wedding day. Wedding photography is about knowing the story of the couple you are photographing. And that is the difference between a good and a great wedding photographer. Which is why I think of the best wedding photographer as not the most popular one, but the one who truly delivers the best possible photos to their clients. Because we aren’t shooting for the masses, we are shooting for our couples.

 That being said. Let’s get a glimpse into Kaleb and Shelbie’s story. Both these two are in remission from life threatening cancer. They both met at a kids camp for cancer survivors. Needless to say, this was a day that most people in attendance didn’t think would ever happen. When these two were in the hospital, a future and a wedding was the last thing on their family’s mind. But here we were. Celebrating love! Celebrating the beauty of healing. And celebrating a start of a family together. And wow. It was incredible.

These two got married at Rustic Grace Estate, and here is a snippet of their story, told by them:

“First things first. Kaleb and I are both cancer survivors!!! How cool is that!? We met my last year as a camper and his first year as a camper in 2008 at Camp Sanguinity. A camp for cancer patients and their siblings through Cook Children’s. Kaleb and I became friends through Facebook that year and the years went by without any communication. Fast forward to 2014, I receive a Facebook message from him asking if I would be going to camp as a leadership counselor that summer (a cross between a camper and a counselor). We reconnected at camp that year. I was crushing hard the whole week but he had a girlfriend :-(. The week quickly came to an end and again, months went by with little communication. Kaleb reached out to me a few months later in December and told me he would be having a new implant put in his leg in Dallas and would love to catch up. I begged my mom to take me (at this time I still wasn’t allowed to drive on the DNT) and she graciously did even though she was sick with the flu. I got to see Kaleb in Dallas after 5 months. We hit it off- he will deny it up and down though. Kaleb and I made our relationship official April 5, 2015 and made it work with long distance while I went to Texas Tech and he stayed in Wichita Falls going to Midwestern State University. In 2016, I transferred to MSU and our journey together began. On April 6, 2019, Kaleb asked me to spend forever with him! We both graduated from MSU this past May. Kaleb graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration, Marketing and I got my Bachelors in Nursing. We recently moved to OKC and are eager to start our journey as husband and wife!”

light and airy wedding_0224.jpg
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light and airy wedding_0228.jpg
light and airy wedding_0225.jpg
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light and airy wedding_0237.jpg
light and airy wedding_0226.jpg
light and airy wedding_0232.jpg
light and airy wedding_0230.jpg
light and airy wedding_0231.jpg
light and airy wedding_0265.jpg
light and airy wedding_0267.jpg
light and airy wedding_0252.jpg
light and airy wedding_0257.jpg
light and airy wedding_0256.jpg
light and airy wedding_0259.jpg
light and airy wedding_0260.jpg
light and airy wedding_0283.jpg
light and airy wedding_0268.jpg
light and airy wedding_0280.jpg
light and airy wedding_0282.jpg
light and airy wedding_0281.jpg
light and airy wedding_0285.jpg
light and airy wedding_0284.jpg
light and airy wedding_0271.jpg
light and airy wedding_0270.jpg
light and airy wedding_0272.jpg
light and airy wedding_0276.jpg
light and airy wedding_0319.jpg
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light and airy wedding_0295.jpg
light and airy wedding_0242.jpg
light and airy wedding_0327.jpg
light and airy wedding_0297.jpg
light and airy wedding_0240.jpg
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light and airy wedding_0318.jpg
light and airy wedding_0241.jpg
light and airy wedding_0321.jpg
light and airy wedding_0330.jpg
light and airy wedding_0299.jpg
light and airy wedding_0273.jpg
light and airy wedding_0313.jpg
light and airy wedding_0323.jpg
light and airy wedding_0329.jpg
light and airy wedding_0292.jpg
light and airy wedding_0287.jpg
light and airy wedding_0275.jpg
light and airy wedding_0274.jpg
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light and airy wedding_0288.jpg
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light and airy wedding_0264.jpg
light and airy wedding_0290.jpg
light and airy wedding_0245.jpg
light and airy wedding_0244.jpg
light and airy wedding_0293.jpg

MaKenzie & Taylor’s Rainy Hickory Street Engagement Session // Hickory Street Annex, Dallas TX

We had a little engagement session at Hickory Street Annex in Dallas. The perfect spot for a Dallas photographer to shoot when it rains! Did it rain on your wedding day? As a photographer in Dallas, rain is always a possibility. There are hundreds of people that will tell you it is good luck on your wedding day. But if we are honest, we would rather ditch the luck and have a dry wedding in Dallas.

What about rain on your engagement session? If you and your photographer schedules your session in the winter, it is way too cold for a rainy session. Well, MaKenzie didn’t want to reschedule her session, but the rain was coming, so what do you do? We found a wedding venue that hosted us for Taylor and McKenzie’s engagement session. Hickory Street Annex was the perfect spot for their engagement session. They were so kind to have us last minute, and it made for a great session! Now their fall wedding is right around the corner!

rustic rainy engagement shoot_0223.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0217.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0203.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0202.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0218.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0200.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0214.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0222.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0215.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0201.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0205.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0211.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0212.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0216.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0220.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0208.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0209.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0221.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0219.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0213.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0207.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0206.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0204.jpg
rustic rainy engagement shoot_0210.jpg

Katie + Hollis’s Heartwarming Stone Crest Wedding // McKinney, TX

Stone Crest Venue in McKinney was where Katie and Hollis had one of the most beautiful and emotion filled weddings I have been a part of. There are certain people who radiate a sense of hope, you just can’t help but remember what is important in life. That is what everyone experienced at Stone Crest Venue.

Next month Hollis will be moving to Houston to begin treatment for his rare form of bone marrow cancer. This last year he as been one that no 24 year old expects to have. But with Katie by his side and faith in God, Hollis and Katie tied the knot in February and are beginning their marriage hopeful that his amazing team of doctors can find him a cure.

I know this is a wedding blog, but I think hearing from Katie and Hollis about their journey and faith would be encouraging to anyone reading. After posting their words, I will show some photos of their amazing wedding at Stone Crest Venue. You can feel the emotion and love in these photos. And I hope that when you see them, you will remember to pray for this couple. They have hard days ahead, and your prayers would be treasured by them!

From Katie & Hollis:
Over the past year, life has looked different for us. Although at times it has been tough, love is an understatement for how I have felt thanks to my powerful King Jesus and the support of my family and friends. If it weren’t for faith and hope I would not be writing to tell you about the overwhelming love and support system I have.

On December 6, 2018, I, Hollis Rogers, was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis. MF is a form of bone marrow cancer that causes the production of abnormal blood cells and scar tissue in the blood. It is rare; roughly 16 thousand people in the United States have been diagnosed with MF. It is a condition most commonly found in adults over the age of 50. Currently, at the age of 24, I am one of the youngest patients with this diagnosis; the only cure for this type of cancer is a bone marrow transplant. This day and diagnosis changed my life forever. After a year long journey of tests and scans, I shut down. I felt defeated. I did not understand why. I asked God.. Why Me? Why now?

Over the past 12 months my family, Katie, and I have been traveling to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston where I see an incredible team of doctors. After many long, hard discussions with their transplant teams, my family, doctors, and I have decided to move forward with my bone marrow transplant. I have been blessed to find three perfect match donors. On March 11, 2020 my parents, my soon to be wife- Katie, and I will move to Houston to begin testing and Chemotherapy in preparation for the transplant.

Many prayers have been prayed for continued guidance as we gain a further understanding of this journey. I am a firm believer, and I am fully confident that I serve a God who will never fail us and is the Great Physician. I learned a vital life lesson back in high school that has been with me everyday since – I may not know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future. God will be with me every step of this journey and that is the greatest gift of all. I know that God has been preparing my family and me for this journey. My family is my rock: Mom, Dad, Sister, and Fiance. They have been and will continue to be my biggest supporters. I am fortunate that my family will be able to stay with me in Houston and we will get to tackle this transplant together – I undoubtedly have the best team of caregivers by my side.

Our journey has felt long and at times uncertain and overwhelming, but at the end of the day, mine and Katie’s families sought God’s provision and guidance as we planned for the future. With the love and support team that I have, the amazing people I have been able to learn from, the future plans I have for a family, and the way I feel on a day-to-day basis, I believe that I am ready. Where I was once grieving and questioning God, I now look back and feel so thankful. I have been so blessed with amazing family, friends, and bosses; I trust that I am in the best place I can be. Katie and I have learned that although it has not been easy, God has made the best of what we saw as unfortunate circumstances. It all begins in gratitude – truly knowing where you are and what you have to be grateful for.

Katie and I cannot wait to celebrate with all of you on February 8th, but we ask that it not end there. We ask that you continue to pray for our families, our journey, my doctors, nurses, and donors as change comes in March. We are so thankful for the love, support, and encouragement that all of you have shown us, and we cannot thank you enough.

The bigger your battles the bigger your purpose.

No one fights alone.

Love, Hollis & Katie

emotional stone crest wedding_0104.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0105.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0111.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0116.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0118.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0117.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0115.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0108.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0119.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0109.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0178.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0158.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0110.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0113.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0123.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0125.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0120.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0126.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0127.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0130.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0129.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0132.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0134.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0133.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0135.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0139.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0146.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0147.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0143.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0144.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0145.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0138.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0148.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0106.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0155.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0151.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0157.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0150.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0165.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0174.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0160.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0177.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0180.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0141.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0195.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0181.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0192.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0187.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0193.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0185.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0196.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0197.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0184.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0194.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0186.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0188.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0199.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0198.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0175.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0176.jpg
emotional stone crest wedding_0167.jpg

Springtime Bridals at the Dallas Arboretum

Spring is in the air, and opportunities are blossoming for gorgeous bridal portraits in the gardens of the Dallas Arboretum! An elegant garden in the city, the Arboretum is one of the most beloved places to visit in Dallas. While it is a favored spot, it also has an intimate atmosphere, just the kind you would want for bridal photos. There’s something about being in a garden that is peaceful and serene… A place where you pause to take in the beauty of the moment… Just the sort of place you would want to find a blushing bride before her wedding day!

Part of what I love about Bridal photos is the anticipation that you see and feel throughout the session with the bride. You can always see her excitement that can’t be contained when she has the wedding dress on, and reality begins to set in… The wedding day is approaching! She will soon be married to her groom!

Another thing I love about the idea of a bride in a garden is the imagery of new beginnings, growth, and change. Much like a flower is planted, grows, changes, and blooms in seasons, marriage begins a wonderful season between two people who grow together, change together, and flourish in their marriage to one other!

In spring, the displays are full of eye-catching flowers of all kinds! I don’t think there is a single color that isn’t seen throughout the entire park! It’s a pretty breathtaking sight! If you’re scouting out bridal photo locations in the Dallas area, I would definitely recommend the Dallas Arboretum!

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum