Hannah & Evan’s Summertime Quarantine Engangement Session // Highland Village, TX

Engaged during COVID-19? Yep. That is the story. I know the news just likes to talk about all the sadness and shutdown because of COVID-19, but there are other stories out there too! While we were all in quarantine, Evan could not wait another day to ask Hannah to be his wife. And of course, she said yes!

They were excited and couldn’t wait to get some engagement photos done. When Hannah emailed me to do some pictures, we were not yet released to work. Still under restrictions we awaited news from the governor, and finally got it. Once we got the green light to work we got their session scheduled. We started at Lakeside Park in Highland Village and ended in the spot they got engaged: Robert E Lee Park. It was so fun to be back behind the camera and these two made it a blast! Congrats to these two! Here is a preview of their engagement session. Now they wait until fall before they get married!

summertime quarantine engagement session_0960.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0956.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0962.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0961.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0959.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0958.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0955.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0975.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0963.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0976.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0964.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0971.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0970.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0965.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0966.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0967.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0972.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0969.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0968.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0980.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0979.jpg
summertime quarantine engagement session_0978.jpg

Nicole & Jason’s Sweet Summer Family Photos // McKinney, TX

Wedding photos, newborn photos, and now 1 year old photos. Nicole and Jason have become friends and long term photography clients of ours. It all started with their wedding at Avalon Legacy ranch. Then they were pregnant with their first baby and Laura (who is now running her own newborn photography business (https://sweetcheeksphotographytx.com/) took their lifestyle newborn photos. And now, their little one is one and there is another little one one the way! So we went back to the same place we did their engagement photos for a little family session. Covid-19 restrictions lifted just in time for this session that we had on the books since the beginning of the year. Here is a little preview of their fun family session to celebrate their one year old!
sweet summer family photo session_0899.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0902.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0905.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0917.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0922.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0918.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0906.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0948.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0949.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0914.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0915.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0940.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0938.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0942.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0916.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0904.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0896.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0907.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0929.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0909.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0950.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0951.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0908.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0953.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0943.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0919.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0944.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0927.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0926.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0954.jpg
sweet summer family photo session_0912.jpg

Allison & Mitchell’s Summertime Red Barn COVID Wedding // McKinney, TX

A Colorado wedding took a turn south thanks to COVID-19, but that destination wedding in Colorado wasn’t going to be cancelled! Allison and Mitchell didn’t want to cancel their wedding because of COVID, but with most of their family living in Dallas and McKinney, they had to pivot and make a new plan. Flying to Colorado in the middle of a pandemic wasn’t an option, so they found a VRBO just north of McKinney with a newly build red barn on site to have their wedding.

The guests were all family, and they all had a blast celebrating and have a few brief moments where things felt normal. Here is a little preview of their COVID wedding.

summertime red barn wedding_0733.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0734.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0736.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0745.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0741.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0740.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0747.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0749.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0748.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0755.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0754.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0756.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0759.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0751.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0750.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0758.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0764.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0772.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0771.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0765.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0762.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0776.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0767.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0769.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0761.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0777.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0760.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0775.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0779.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0780.jpg
summertime red barn wedding_0766.jpg

Kasey & Daniel’s Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding // Lewisville, TX

Kasey and Daniel got married at Hidden Pines Chapel in Lewisville last summer. Like its name suggests, Hidden Pines Chapel is tucked back from the road. While it may not be visible from the road, once inside you will be blown away. Their chapel has tons of windows and high ceilings. Exposed wood and beautiful decor are placed throughout the venue. Then the reception room is huge!

Now to Kasey and Daniel. These two’s love was rooted in their love for Jesus. They wanted nothing more than to honor Him in their ceremony, reception, and marriage. It was so beautiful to witness these two exchange vows and celebrate their day.

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6218.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6219.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6220.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6221.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6222.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6223.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6224.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6226.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6225.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6227.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6228.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6229.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6230.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6231.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6232.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6233.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6234.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6235.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6236.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6237.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6238.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6239.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6240.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6241.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6242.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6243.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6244.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6245.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6246.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6247.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6248.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6249.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6250.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6251.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6252.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6253.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6254.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6255.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6256.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6257.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6258.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6259.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6260.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6261.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6262.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6263.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6264.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6265.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6266.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6267.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6268.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6270.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6271.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6272.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6273.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6274.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6275.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6276.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6277.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6278.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6279.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6280.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6281.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6282.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6283.jpg

Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding_6284.jpg

Notice regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to monitor and abide by the government issued orders in regards to gathering and events. As of May 1 we are officially back open for sessions (engagements, family, head shots, bridals) and small weddings!