Rustic Grace Estate’s newest couple: Brooke and Jacob

Should you reschedule your wedding? Keep it? Cancel it? All these questions go through people’s minds as they plan them during the pandemic. Brooke and Jacob had these same decisions to make as they planned their wedding at Rustic Grace Estates wedding venue. 

In the end, Brooke and Jacob had their wedding and it was a great decision! With masks on and people taking precautions to keep the spread of the virus down, they were able to get married, party, dance, and start their new lives together. In a time where we don’t know how long this pandemic will last, it is such a joy to see couples figure out a way to make their wedding happen. Here are some photos from their Rustic Grace Estate wedding in what hopes to be the tail end of this pandemic. But who knows! 

rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0758.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0757.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0753.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0762.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0767.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0769.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0782.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0784.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0786.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0788.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0790.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0792.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0793.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0799.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0800.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0801.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0804.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0805.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0807.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0808.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0809.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0811.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0812.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0816.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0818.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0819.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0821.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0822.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0826.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0828.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0830.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0831.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0833.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0835.jpg
rustic grace covid wedding photographer_0837.jpg

Emily and Braden’s wedding | The Chapel at Ana Villa

An Aggie wedding at Chapel Ana Villa! Aggie weddings never let me down…not even during COVID! Emily played soccer at A&M and Braden was a baseball player there who is now continuing his career in the minor league! We are routing for them every step of the way! 

This wedding was so much fun! It is one of those weddings that reminded me of the beauty of what I do. With so much delayed, pushed back, and uncertain with covid, it was so fun to see the joy these two had and the how excited their friends and family were to celebrate. And at the Chapel at Ana Villa, it was the perfect place to celebrate and party! Elegant, charming, romantic, and a huge space for everyone! Times have been tough for so many, so it is great to see people genuinely having a great time! 

After 2020, it was so fun to kick off the new year with a wedding like this one. You will see from the photos that this crew was here to celebrate!

chapel ana villa wedding venue_0663.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0664.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0660.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0668.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0670.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0672.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0674.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0676.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0677.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0679.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0680.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0683.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0704.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0705.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0688.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0689.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0692.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0693.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0706.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0708.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0709.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0711.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0712.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0713.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0714.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0716.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0717.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0718.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0721.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0722.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0724.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0726.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0731.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0735.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0738.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0742.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0744.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0747.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0748.jpg
chapel ana villa wedding venue_0752.jpg

Destination Wedding // San Francisco, California

Do we do destination weddings or weddings away from Dallas? We get asked that all the time, and yes is our answer!   We do one destination wedding a year. Why? Well, we don’t want to be traveling all year and not have the time to focus on our couples and their photos. Even our destination couples need engagements and time spent on them. We are not out to have the best travel schedule. But when we do travel, we make sure to give it our best!

One of the greatest destination weddings yet was in San Francisco, California! Morgan and Justin asked if my wife and I would fly down to the city of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, to shoot their wedding day… We were chomping at the bit, to say the least, to have this opportunity!

It was blast getting shots of the bride in groom in the big city, on the busy streets of San Francisco and in front of skyscrapers and business buildings. We couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque setting!Married at the Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco, Morgan and Justin tied the knot, and my wife and I were there to capture it. It was a blast and absolute honor getting to travel across the states to see these two on their wedding day in beautiful California.





































































Dog Lovers Engagement Photos

Who has a dog they want in photos? It is a question I get a lot as a photographer: can I bring my dog. And the answer is yes! Bring your dog!  We love all the relationships we get to capture and you and your dog is just that. Bringing your dog on an engagement shoot is something I have become very familiar with over the years. Couples love their dog and want to bring them along to help capture this season of their life: engaged, happy, and dog lovers. So when Justin and Marissa asked if they could bring their dogs to the engagement session, I of course said it would be great! What I didn’t realize was that these were 3 of the biggest and strongest dogs I had ever seen. When they pulled up, they didn’t just get out of the car with their dogs. They got out, went to the back of the SUV, and opened the back. Out came 3 dogs who would definitely beat me in a wrestling match. The goal was to spend about 15 minutes with the dogs getting some photos of Justin and Marissa with the dogs. What we didn’t anticipate was the dogs agenda. They didn’t get the engagement photos with dogs memo. The got the memo that there would be squirrels and smaller dogs (well, every dog is smaller) at White Rock Lake. So while we were trying to get them to look at the camera and snuggle up with Justin and Marissa….the dogs were looking at all the furry things running around White Rock Lake. Needless to say, with the help of Justin and Marissa’s friends who Kindly came to help, we were able to get a few engagement photos with dogs and send the dogs home. We spent the rest of the session without our furry friends and just walked around White Rock lake to get some beautiful engagement photos around the lake. It was green and sunny, which make for some really pretty photos! And now I am even more excited about their fall wedding at The Grand Ivory! For that wedding, we will be working with Each and Every Detail, so we know it will be a well planned and executed wedding! But for now, enjoy some of their engagement photos at White Rock Lake.

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5675.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5676.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5678.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5679.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5681.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5682.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5683.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5684.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5685.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5686.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5687.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5688.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5689.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5690.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5691.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5692.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5693.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5694.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5695.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5696.jpg

Dog Lovers Engagement Photos

Dog Lovers Engagement Photos