Wedding photography consists of both how your photographer approaches the day (philosophy) and how they shoot the photos (style). Here is a little info about our philosophy and style to help you understand how we will shoot your wedding.

How we view wedding photography

Our Philosophy

There are over 35,000 weddings in Dallas each year, and as you guessed, we don’t do the photography for them all. In fact, we don’t shoot more than 40 each year. Why? Because we find that we can better photograph the uniqueness of your wedding if we are intentional and selective in which weddings we shoot.

We have had to really identify who we should spend those weekends with throughout the year. For us, photography is deeply relational. We get to spend some of the biggest moments of your life with you, and because of this, our time is best spent with couples who truly value what we do. You will be hard pressed to find another wedding photography team that cares more about you, your photos, and your marriage than us.

And that is where our philosophy sets us apart from other Dallas photographers. We aren’t trying to photograph 60+ weddings a year that we don’t remember. We want to have the time to focus on your wedding the way it should be. This allows you to trust us and know that we care about you and the photographs we take. For us, photography allows us to truly develop friendships with couples who have invited us into one of the biggest moments of their life: their wedding. This friendship allows our couples to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera while enabling us to draw out & capture their personality. The result is more than just pictures of what happened at the wedding, rather pictures that evoke what was felt there…pictures that will stir something in their soul.

How we take photos

Our Style

Sometimes photography style can be hard to put into words. There are a lot of components that go into an image, so I wanted to help talk through some of those components to help you see if my style fits with what you are looking for. That being said, never judge a photographers style based on what they say. I have seen photographers claim to be candid, when there is nothing candid about their photography style. At the end of the day, go with your gut on how the photos make you feel. Photos don’t have to be described. It is like music: if it is good and you like it, you really don’t need to say why.


That being said, here would be how we describe our style:

Autentic Feelings

Autentic Feelings

Pictures should draw you in and remind you of how you felt on your wedding. We want the emotions in the photos to be real, candid, and authentic. Not stiff and formal. You are real people who want us to capture who you are, how you felt, and beauty of your day. That is best done by capturing authentic feelings.

Timeless Photographs

Timeless Photographs

Like a classic car or an old red barn, we want our photos to stand the test of time. We aren’t looking to do all the trendy things (selective color, moody and dark photos, or super overexposed are the latest trends). We are trying to preserve your photographs. The photos we take and the way we edit will be timeless. Accurate color renderings and no crazy filters. Real photos edited in real ways. That is what makes your photos timeless.

Stunning Artistry

Stunning Artistry

Photography is art. And different photographers will have different results in their art in the same way that authors will all write differently. When we approach wedding photography, we aren’t just trying to capture emotion and feelings. We want to capture those moments in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. In a way that looks lovely and stunning. You day will be stunning. You will both look stunning. So why should your photos be anything less than stunning?

Pictures on this page are from weddings at these venues: Rustic Grace Estate, Chestnut Square, The Springs McKinney, and The McKinney Cotton Mill.