What You see isn’t always what you get [Part 3 of 3]

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Where to print your pictures

Well, it is the post that everyone has been waiting for in this series…WHERE TO PRINT YOUR PICTURES.

The pictures will speak for themselves, but a couple words before I show you…

For some reason, over the years it has become more am more common to trust drug stores and grocery stores with something that has nothing to do with drugs or groceries: printing your precious family pictures. Yes, they print them, but no, they don’t do it well. They aren’t selling quality, they are selling convenience. The result: you will pay more money for worse quality. They are glossy, the contrast is too high, and the color is off.

The Proof

So let’s get to the proof. I was curious, so I did a little test. I printed the exact same print at 2 places. The pictures on the left are printed at a drug store/grocery store (which one doesn’t matter, they are all bad). The picture on the right was printed at MPIX.

Once I received the prints, I put them on a black table (that is the background of the images), put the images side by side, and took a single picture of both versions next to each other on my table. Not editing.  You can see for yourself that the drug store print is green tinted and just doesn’t look very good. Conclusion, get your pictures printed at MPIX.com (more about them below).

family portriats picture tips_0066.jpg
family portriats picture tips_0067.jpg


They are a company that prints pictures. Period. Well, they are actually 3 companies. They have 2 other brands under their umbrella that only print for professional photographers. A company that only prints for professionals wouldn’t last a day without knowing about quality, color, paper, and everything that goes into printing a good picture. So they are a company who knows what they are doing, and wanted to bring high quality printing to consumers, not just professionals. Enter MPIX.

Do you get a referral incentive?

No. I wish. But as a photographer who spends countless hours taking pictures and thousands of dollars on equipment, the last thing I want to see is a really good photograph printed terribly and displayed in someones home. I am passionate about creating stunning pictures for my clients homes, and bad printing can kill stunning in an instant.

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