A Videographer’s Wedding// Carrollton, Texas

I have been shooting photos alongside Connor for years. He is a videographer that I often recommend to my couples. It was a little different having him on the other side of the camera this time around, but it was so neat to be a part of Connor and Melissa’s wedding! These are two people who love each other well and care deeply about making much of Christ through their marriage. Their excitement could not be hidden on the wedding day, as this day had been much anticipated for a while!

Thanks to the help of event planners from Luminary Events,
Connor and Melissa got married at the Coyote Ridge Golf Club in Carrollton. I got some fantastic shots of the beautiful couple on the green before the reception, where they danced the night away with family and friends… but not too long before Connor stole his bride away!

Classic Wedding_0781.jpg

Classic Wedding_0782.jpg

Classic Wedding_0783.jpg

Classic Wedding_0784.jpg

Classic Wedding_0785.jpg

Classic Wedding_0786.jpg

Classic Wedding_0787.jpg

Classic Wedding_0788.jpg

Classic Wedding_0789.jpg

Classic Wedding_0790.jpg

Classic Wedding_0791.jpg

Classic Wedding_0792.jpg

Classic Wedding_0793.jpg

Classic Wedding_0794.jpg

Classic Wedding_0795.jpg

Classic Wedding_0796.jpg

Classic Wedding_0797.jpg

Classic Wedding_0798.jpg

Classic Wedding_0799.jpg

Classic Wedding_0800.jpg

Classic Wedding_0801.jpg

Classic Wedding_0802.jpg

Classic Wedding_0803.jpg

Classic Wedding_0804.jpg

Classic Wedding_0805.jpg

Classic Wedding_0806.jpg

Classic Wedding_0807.jpg

Classic Wedding_0808.jpg

Classic Wedding_0809.jpg

Classic Wedding_0810.jpg

Classic Wedding_0811.jpg

Classic Wedding_0812.jpg

Classic Wedding_0813.jpg

Classic Wedding_0814.jpg

Classic Wedding_0815.jpg

Classic Wedding_0816.jpg

Classic Wedding_0817.jpg

Classic Wedding_0818.jpg

Classic Wedding_0819.jpg

Classic Wedding_0820.jpg

Classic Wedding_0821.jpg

Classic Wedding_0822.jpg

Classic Wedding_0823.jpg

Classic Wedding_0824.jpg

Classic Wedding_0825.jpg

Classic Wedding_0826.jpg

Classic Wedding_0827.jpg

Classic Wedding_0828.jpg

Classic Wedding_0829.jpg

Classic Wedding_0830.jpg

Classic Wedding_0831.jpg

Classic Wedding_0832.jpg

Classic Wedding_0833.jpg

Classic Wedding_0834.jpg

Classic Wedding_0835.jpg

Classic Wedding_0836.jpg

Classic Wedding_0838.jpg

Classic Wedding_0837.jpg

Classic Wedding_0839.jpg

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