Chapel Ana Villa Wedding // Frisco, Texas

Jonathan and Amy were married at St. Francis of Assisi in Frisco, and then headed to Chapel Ana Villa for the reception. The wedding was a beautiful catholic wedding in a stunning church! Wendy Zerrudo, Amy’s hairstylist, helped prepare the bride! After the ceremony, the happy couple took a spin around town in the party bus as we killed time before the reception. The reception was at the Chapel Ana Villa with a live band; which always makes the celebration more lively, more personal, and tons of fun! This group danced all night, and the Royal Dukes Band partied right along side them, always knowing what to play. It was an elegant evening with a group of people who made everyone feel like family.


Catholic Wedding_0840.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0841.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0842.jpg

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Catholic Wedding_0876.jpg

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Catholic Wedding_0892.jpg

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Catholic Wedding_0912.jpg

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