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Prosperity Place Frisco Charity

My Uncle was born with water in his brain, and with news of him being special needs, my grandmother immediately put him in a mental institution, wanting nothing to do with him. There, at the institution he was mentally and physically abused- stories we still hear him tell over 50 years later. But despite the difficulty he went through, he was able to get out of the institution and begin a life on his own. Now, a man who was seen as an embarrassment and too much work, has retired after years of working hard, earning a pension from a state university, not because of his condition, but because of his work ethic and years of service.  Every year he comes down to visit us, and it is such a joy to see his childlike love of life. He brings to our family something no one else could, and I am thankful for that.

But I can’t help but imagine how life could have been different. How life could have been lived without the scars. Lived with parents who believed in him. What I am seeing today is different from what my Uncle saw. I am seeing parents who view their special needs child as a gift and a blessing, instead of a curse. Parents who pour out everything they have for their kids, whether they are special needs or not. Parents who see their special needs children as bringing something beautiful into the world that would never be seen without them.

That doesn’t mean it is easy and that doesn’t mean it is cheap! Our friends, Johnna and Ryan Hensley, told us about a fundraiser this Thursday for an organization that has helped them, Prosperity Place (Prosperity Place helps assists parents with special needs children with the massive financial undertaking in in parenting a child with special needs), and we decided to be a part of this event. This is an event where numerous businesses from the area will be selling their product or service and proceeds will go to the Prosperity Place. We would love for you to stop by to help Prosperity Place raise money through these organizations!  Help us help these families by stopping by and getting the word out! Here is the info:


Shop for a Cause

When: Thursday, August 29 from 6-9pm
Where: The Lemon Bar (5566 W. Main St, Frisco TX)
What will I be selling: Portrait sessions and Gift Cards
More info: http://www.prosperityplace.org/

Hope to see you there! Like, Share, and spread the word!

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