The New USB Wedding Photo Bags by Mandy DeJohn

Just got my first batch of these beauties! These bags will be the new home for my wedding clients customized USB drives that I ship out after the wedding. Best part about these bags? They are made by my good friend Mandy Dejohn (http://cococouture.com/). She is using all the proceeds the help fund their international adoption. That is a win-win-win for this Mckinney wedding photographer. (if you ever need anything sewn…get in touch with her, she is insanely talented).

Win 1: Supporting adoption. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
Win 2: Support local. When you buy from local businesses, they money goes straight to them. It isn’t making some cooperation richer, rather it is helping a family live.
Win 3: Clients now get this amazing bag. Get excited!

branding mckinney wedding photographer_0278.jpg

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