The McKinney Cotton Mill and Greek Orthodox wedding

The McKinney Cotton Mill and a Greek Orthodox Church wedding are usually not mentioned in the same sentence. Weddings, though, are all about making things unique to you. The venues chosen are super important to couples. Ethan and Dimi wanted to include their love of the look and style of the McKinney Cotton Mill with the tradition of Dimi’s home church.  So we began in a traditional Greek Orthodox church with a traditional ceremony.  After performing the traditional Greek orthodox rituals, the priest pronounced them husband and wife. This concluded the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church ceremony. 

At the McKinney Cotton mill we began with photos on the 2nd floor of the mill. The giant windows, columns, and massive amount of light made this the perfect spot for photos! After this, we headed to the reception room at the McKinney Cotton Mill to start the celebration. They started with their first dance and then opened up the dance floor for some traditional Greek dancing. The floor was packed all night! 

It was so fun to combine their church traditions with The McKinney cotton mill! These two had such a fun wedding day and left their wedding in a sports car towards downtown McKinney. Here is a preview of their wedding: 

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