That Veil! | Jessica’s Dallas Arboretum Bridal Portraits

It was the comedy of errors on this bridal shoot…which made for some fun stories to talk about and didn’t stop us from getting some amazing pictures!

  • Error 1: Jessica and company were coming from Ft. Worth and I was coming from McKinney…but I didn’t matter that we were coming from completely different parts of the metroplex…Dallas traffic had us right where she wanted us: late.
  • Error 2: So we both stroll up to the Dallas Arboretum at the exact same time ready to see all the beautiful spring blooms. Ha! Dream on. When we got their they were covering ALL the flowers because they feared the “cold” weather would kill them. Funny thing about it, as soon as they finished covering them, the sun came out and the temperature stayed warm.
  • Error 3: Despite having mom and Aunt there to help, somewhere along the journey they got lost. So lost that we didn’t end up seeing them again until we were leaving.

Despite the errors best intentions to ruin the shoot, Jessica and I had a fantastic time exploring the Dallas Arboretum for her bridal portraits. I am so excited about her and Michael’s wedding at MD Resort in Auora (which by the time I post this, their wedding will already be complete). Enjoy the little preview…wedding pictures coming soon! Jess Dallas Arboretum Bridals large veil_0782.jpg Jess Dallas Arboretum Bridals large veil_0776.jpg Jess Dallas Arboretum Bridals large veil_0778.jpg Jess Dallas Arboretum Bridals large veil_0781.jpg Jess Dallas Arboretum Bridals large veil_0777.jpg Jess Dallas Arboretum Bridals large veil_0779.jpg

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