Sydney and Jonathan’s Wedding // Southfork Ranch, Parker, Texas

When you grow up in Dallas and your favorite show is Dallas…there isn’t a better place to get married than Southfork Ranch! After shooting Jonathan’s brother a few years ago…it was time for a new Seager to tie the knot. It was such an honor and so much fun to be a part of so many memories for this family.

Sydney and Jonathan wanted a beautiful outdoor ceremony at this ranch…and the weather held up! No rain = happy bride and no wet wedding dress. They got ready in the mansion, got married outside the mention by the beautiful live oaks, then celebrated inside the ballroom with their friend, families, and Jonathan’s signature dance moves. This couple also added my Photo Booth (or photo lounge as I call it) to their package…which kept guests having fun when they weren’t on the dance floor. Here are some of the best pictures from the night:


Southfork Ranch_1227.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1228.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1229.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1230.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1231.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1232.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1233.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1234.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1235.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1236.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1237.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1238.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1239.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1240.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1241.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1242.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1243.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1244.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1245.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1246.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1247.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1248.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1249.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1250.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1251.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1252.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1253.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1254.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1255.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1256.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1257.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1258.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1259.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1260.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1261.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1262.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1263.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1264.jpg

Southfork Ranch_1265.jpg

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