Summer McKinney Portrait Session with the Fonea’s

Summer family portrait shoots pose 2 challenges: heat and tiredness. Either you can wake up early and do pictures before the Dallas sun begins to blare OR you can sleep late and come rested…ready to sweat your tail off in the heat. When given the choice, most people choose the former…and I am grateful 🙂

The Fornea’s love pictures, which is so fun for me! I get to watch their kids grow up and their family grow. Each time I am amazed at how much the kids have grown while also seeing them express the same facial expressions as they did as a baby. It is so amazing. Amazing that I get to see it, but even more amazing that they get to capture those moments on camera.

Here is a little preview of our morning session in McKinney…hidden behind trees in the shade.

mckinney plano frisco family portraits_0084.jpg
mckinney plano frisco family portraits_0085.jpg
mckinney plano frisco family portraits_0087.jpg

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