Stone Crest Wedding in the Fall

Stone Crest wedding venue has grown to be a favotire venue as a photographer. And during covid, it is even better: outdoor ceremony, high ceilings, and lots of space make it a much safer option than so many weddings! Laura and Jon chose to get married at Stone Crest in the fall, and it was so beautiful! Usually a wedding with threatening hail storms, rain, and wind would make a couple nervous and bummed out. Not Lauren and John. At least they didn’t show it on their faces. Lauren’s face was beaming all day long. Even in the nerves and anticipation, she was such a happy bride. And we all know a happy bride makes for a happy couple. John was just delighted in his sweet bride. You could tell they were a perfect match!

Now, as a dad of daughters, it is time a pause this happy bride talk to talk about the father of the bride. Doing weddings week after week I really get to observe different father daughter relationships. From distant to close, I get to see it all. And every once and a while I see what I saw at Lauren and Johns wedding, and I am honored to get to witness it. The way Lauren’s dad looked and spoke to his daughter on her wedding day spoke to their relationship and the love he must have shown her throughout her life. It showed he was a man of character who deeply cared for his daughter and wanted the world for her. It was special. It was motivational for me as a dad. And I walked away so happy for Lauren, that she had that. And so happy for her dad, that the love he invested in her was so worth it. Their relationship was a true treasure.

Now…back to the happy bride and couple. They got married at Stone Crest in McKinney. Always a wonderful choice for couples! The rain held off until after the ceremony, so they were able to have their outdoor wedding. Then, between hail storms I somehow convinced them to risk everything to get some shots outside. The clouds were amazing and it was so worth it! We finished up and ran inside (partly out of excitement for the rest of the reception and partly to avoid any other natural disasters) to begin the celebration. They danced, laughed, and celebrated. It was a night to remember out at Stone Crest! A night where this happy bride got to marry the man of her dreams!

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