Shelbie & Kaleb’s Emotional Rustic Grace Wedding // Van Alsytne, TX

Another emotional wedding and another day I am incredibly honored to be a wedding photographer. Wedding photography isn’t just about capturing the moments that happen during the wedding day. Wedding photography is about knowing the story of the couple you are photographing. And that is the difference between a good and a great wedding photographer. Which is why I think of the best wedding photographer as not the most popular one, but the one who truly delivers the best possible photos to their clients. Because we aren’t shooting for the masses, we are shooting for our couples.

 That being said. Let’s get a glimpse into Kaleb and Shelbie’s story. Both these two are in remission from life threatening cancer. They both met at a kids camp for cancer survivors. Needless to say, this was a day that most people in attendance didn’t think would ever happen. When these two were in the hospital, a future and a wedding was the last thing on their family’s mind. But here we were. Celebrating love! Celebrating the beauty of healing. And celebrating a start of a family together. And wow. It was incredible.

These two got married at Rustic Grace Estate, and here is a snippet of their story, told by them:

“First things first. Kaleb and I are both cancer survivors!!! How cool is that!? We met my last year as a camper and his first year as a camper in 2008 at Camp Sanguinity. A camp for cancer patients and their siblings through Cook Children’s. Kaleb and I became friends through Facebook that year and the years went by without any communication. Fast forward to 2014, I receive a Facebook message from him asking if I would be going to camp as a leadership counselor that summer (a cross between a camper and a counselor). We reconnected at camp that year. I was crushing hard the whole week but he had a girlfriend :-(. The week quickly came to an end and again, months went by with little communication. Kaleb reached out to me a few months later in December and told me he would be having a new implant put in his leg in Dallas and would love to catch up. I begged my mom to take me (at this time I still wasn’t allowed to drive on the DNT) and she graciously did even though she was sick with the flu. I got to see Kaleb in Dallas after 5 months. We hit it off- he will deny it up and down though. Kaleb and I made our relationship official April 5, 2015 and made it work with long distance while I went to Texas Tech and he stayed in Wichita Falls going to Midwestern State University. In 2016, I transferred to MSU and our journey together began. On April 6, 2019, Kaleb asked me to spend forever with him! We both graduated from MSU this past May. Kaleb graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration, Marketing and I got my Bachelors in Nursing. We recently moved to OKC and are eager to start our journey as husband and wife!”

light and airy wedding_0224.jpg
light and airy wedding_0236.jpg
light and airy wedding_0227.jpg
light and airy wedding_0228.jpg
light and airy wedding_0225.jpg
light and airy wedding_0235.jpg
light and airy wedding_0234.jpg
light and airy wedding_0237.jpg
light and airy wedding_0226.jpg
light and airy wedding_0232.jpg
light and airy wedding_0230.jpg
light and airy wedding_0231.jpg
light and airy wedding_0265.jpg
light and airy wedding_0267.jpg
light and airy wedding_0252.jpg
light and airy wedding_0257.jpg
light and airy wedding_0256.jpg
light and airy wedding_0259.jpg
light and airy wedding_0260.jpg
light and airy wedding_0283.jpg
light and airy wedding_0268.jpg
light and airy wedding_0280.jpg
light and airy wedding_0282.jpg
light and airy wedding_0281.jpg
light and airy wedding_0285.jpg
light and airy wedding_0284.jpg
light and airy wedding_0271.jpg
light and airy wedding_0270.jpg
light and airy wedding_0272.jpg
light and airy wedding_0276.jpg
light and airy wedding_0319.jpg
light and airy wedding_0322.jpg
light and airy wedding_0295.jpg
light and airy wedding_0242.jpg
light and airy wedding_0327.jpg
light and airy wedding_0297.jpg
light and airy wedding_0240.jpg
light and airy wedding_0294.jpg
light and airy wedding_0318.jpg
light and airy wedding_0241.jpg
light and airy wedding_0321.jpg
light and airy wedding_0330.jpg
light and airy wedding_0299.jpg
light and airy wedding_0273.jpg
light and airy wedding_0313.jpg
light and airy wedding_0323.jpg
light and airy wedding_0329.jpg
light and airy wedding_0292.jpg
light and airy wedding_0287.jpg
light and airy wedding_0275.jpg
light and airy wedding_0274.jpg
light and airy wedding_0277.jpg
light and airy wedding_0288.jpg
light and airy wedding_0286.jpg
light and airy wedding_0264.jpg
light and airy wedding_0290.jpg
light and airy wedding_0245.jpg
light and airy wedding_0244.jpg
light and airy wedding_0293.jpg

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