River Road Chateau // Anna, Texas

Larry and Maria recently had their 25th anniversary at the venue that they themselves own, the River Road Chateau. They recently bought the Chateau and have been doing all kinds of renovations. The house is incredibly elegant, with almost an old Victorian feel to it. The inside of the house is warm and beautiful with vintage style. The dining room has a large dining room table with upholstered chairs. The living room is bright with large windows that let in the natural light, wood floors, and a beautiful white fireplace in the front and center of the room. The kitchen also appeals to the natural light with the stainglass window above the sink, white cabinets, and granite counters. It really could not be a more quaint space for a wedding. One of the most incredible transformations was space that had originally been used as a parking lot that was transformed into a beautiful garden area. Larry and Maria really have done a fantastic job creating the River Road Chateau, and I can certainly attest to it being a perfect setting for a wedding ceremony!

River Road Chateau_1150.jpg

River Road Chateau_1151.jpg

River Road Chateau_1152.jpg

River Road Chateau_1153.jpg

River Road Chateau_1154.jpg

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River Road Chateau_1157.jpg

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River Road Chateau_1183.jpg



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