Ring Bear-er // The Springs, Mckinney, Texas

This was a wedding to remember at The Springs in McKinney. The bride’s brother was asked to be the ring bearer. So as a teenager with a creative side, he rented a bear costume and had all the guests laughing at his hilarious antics.

Mobile DJ Services had the dance floor going and even had the bear showing us his dance moves. The rain held up so we didn’t have to move the ceremony indoors. But at the reception the storms came, and moved the bubble exit inside. This made for a beautiful moment where everyone circled around the bride and groom and blew bubbles during the final song of the night.

Ring Bearer_2259.jpg

Ring Bearer_2260.jpg

Ring Bearer_2261.jpg

Ring Bearer_2262.jpg

Ring Bearer_2263.jpg

Ring Bearer_2264.jpg

Ring Bearer_2265.jpg

Ring Bearer_2266.jpg

Ring Bearer_2267.jpg

Ring Bearer_2268.jpg

Ring Bearer_2269.jpg

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Ring Bearer_2271.jpg

Ring Bearer_2272.jpg

Ring Bearer_2273.jpg

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Ring Bearer_2293.jpg

Ring Bearer_2294.jpg

Ring Bearer_2295.jpg

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Ring Bearer_2297.jpg

Ring Bearer_2298.jpg

Ring Bearer_2299.jpg

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Ring Bearer_2301.jpg

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Ring Bearer_2309.jpg

Ring Bearer_2310.jpg

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Ring Bearer_2312.jpg

Ring Bearer_2313.jpg

Ring Bearer_2314.jpg

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