How I approach newborn photography

Style + Philosophy

The sweetness of a newborn is something we all wish we could bottle up and save forever. Those cheeks, the yawns, the chubby toes, the way the bundle up into a ball…there is so much cuteness…yet so little time. My wife and I always tell each other that the days a long but the years are short…and they are. It is such a gift to be able to look back at sweet newborn photos and remember that season of life. It is a blur of life that goes by faster than the feeling of sleep deprivation.

Our goal when we approach newborn photography is to capture the preciousness of this season. We aren’t going for the pose of the year…we are going for the reality of the moment. The way you want to remember your sweet little nugget. We want to capture the essence of your sweet baby as well as some lifestyle shots of you and your baby. We want to help you preserve those moments of you rocking them in their nursery, sitting on the couch, or just admiring their gentleness.

A few images from the archives


Getting ready for your newborn session

The Process

Are you expecting? Congrats! It is such a beautiful time of life that you both enjoy and wish away 🙂  As I watch are 3rd run around the house I am just blown away how fast the time goes! That being said – I am excited you are interested in doing some newborn photos! It is such a sweet time and these pictures are ones you will always look back at.

BOOKING: You can book your newborn session at any time during your pregnancy. The earlier you book, the more time we have to plan and make sure we are ready. Since your baby doesn’t have an exact date he/she is coming, I just put you in my calendar for the due date. Then, as soon as you have the baby you would email me and we would work on getting you on my schedule. The best time to take newborn photos is 3-10 days after birth, so the sooner you email to get it scheduled, the better!

PLANNING: We want this style to be about you and your family. So think about your new life with this little one. Do you picture yourself playing on the floor, rocking in the nursery, playing on the bed? As you plan – think of what you want to look back on in 20 years. We want to see you as a mom, a dad, and a family. Newborn sessions are about your life together as a family, not just about a new baby. That being said: incorporate your hobbies, your favorite teams, and anything that will make the session unique to you.

THE SESSION: A sleeping baby is a happy baby. And the best way for a baby to sleep is to be well fed. So I will have you wait until just before I get there to feed them. When I arrive, I will scope out the rooms where we will do the photos and gather things your wanted to incorporate. During that time, dad can show me around while mom finishes feeding the baby.  When I arrive for the newborn session, I will usually scope out the rooms where you want to do the photos.

Temperature: Babies like it warm…so they feel like they did when they were snuggled up in the womb. We ask that you turn your thermostat up before we get there. 80 degrees is a good start.Now you will know why we will show up to your door in shorts in February.

The Flow: I will begin to pose you around the room with the baby. Different poses, different moments. My goal is to pose you in a way that I can then just capture real life moments in your real life home. The sessions usually last 60-90 minutes, just depending on the baby and how often we have to stop feed/change the baby.

Newborn Session
  • Lifestyle session in the comfort of your own home (as in: you don’t have to pack up your sweet baby and all that gear)
  • Studio lighting & equipment
  • up to 90 minute session
  • Travel
  • Digitals with reprint release