photograFEE | Together we can capture memories…

photograFEE is a way to get professional pictures taken for a monthly fee instead of a one time fee.
I am a photographer because I deeply value what a picture can do to the soul. There is something about it that evokes love & passion for people. I want to give every opportunity possible to capture the sweet moments of people’s lives. For some that means a mini-session, others that is a full session. But what about those who might have had the money throughout the year, but don’t come November.

And this is where the idea of photograFEE came from.

As I paid my bills each month, I began to realize that this type of plan is much more logical to the natural rhythm of how we get paid & purchase things. You don’t send you cable company a $900 check each year, but that $75 a month adds up to $900. Eating out is something you see in small increments, but the average American spends $2580/yr. So why not have pictures be the same type of setup? Now, it can be.

Plans start as low as $12/mo. You can get all the details below.

Yes and no. Each monthly payment is equal to 1 credit, and the full cost of your package is 12 credits. Depending on the plan, there are a certain number of credits required before you can get pictures taken. The good news, you can buy extra credits to catch up. So if you are 2 credits behind, you can just purchase 2 credits.

[Example: if you are on the Gold plan and are 2 credits behind, you can just pay an additional $52 at the time of your shoot to catch up]

Though each plan requires 12 months of payment to be paid in full, I allow pictures to be taken early, before all 12 credits are paid for. This allows you some flexibility for when you take pictures each year. Here are the credit minimums for each plan:

  • Bronze Plan: 10 credits to get your pictures taken. 12 to pay in full.
  • Silver Plan: 5 credits before your first mini session, 10 before the 2nd.
  • Gold Plan: Mini-sessions can be taken at any time, 11 credits needed for full session
  • Platinum Plan: Mini session can be taken at any time, 8 credits needed before 1st full session.


For most people: Gold. The gold package gets you a discount on a typical full session, then on top of that, you can do any mini-session throughout the year for about half the cost. So you can either get tons of pictures taken at a fraction of the cost. Or, if you miss out on doing the mini-sessions, you already got a discount of the full session…so it is not biggie!

But there are those years that 2 sessions are in the cards: pregnancy, senior pictures, that first year of life…if this is the case, then the platinum club is definitely the one for you.

Hope that helps…I am really excited this…what do you think?



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