Nicole and Jason’s New Adventure // Myers Park, Mckinney

Nicole and Jason had their engagement session at Myers Park in Mckinney, the perfect place for some outdoor adventuring. We had a lot of fun experimenting with different ideas during this shoot. Nicole and Jason enjoy the outdoors, and they often go bike riding together, so we decided to take some sweet shots of the two of them with their bikes. This soon to be married couple starts their new adventure together in May of 2018. Can’t wait to see these two get hitched! Check ’em out!

Myers Park_0352.jpg

Myers Park_0353.jpg

Myers Park_0354.jpg

Myers Park_0355.jpg

Myers Park_0356.jpg

Myers Park_0357.jpg

Myers Park_0358.jpg

Myers Park_0359.jpg

Myers Park_0360.jpg

Myers Park_0361.jpg

Myers Park_0362.jpg

Myers Park_0363.jpg

Myers Park_0364.jpg

Myers Park_0365.jpg

Myers Park_0366.jpg

Myers Park_0367.jpg

Myers Park_0368.jpg

Myers Park_0369.jpg

Myers Park_0370.jpg

Myers Park_0371.jpg

Myers Park_0372.jpg

Myers Park_0373.jpg

Myers Park_0374.jpg

Myers Park_0375.jpg

Myers Park_0376.jpg

Myers Park_0377.jpg

Myers Park_0378.jpg

Myers Park_0379.jpg

Myers Park_0380.jpg

Myers Park_0381.jpg

Myers Park_0382.jpg

Myers Park_0383.jpg

Myers Park_0384.jpg

Myers Park_0385.jpg

Myers Park_0386.jpg

Myers Park_0387.jpg

Myers Park_0388.jpg

Myers Park_0389.jpg

Myers Park_0390.jpg

Myers Park_0391.jpg

Myers Park_0392.jpg

Myers Park_0393.jpg

Myers Park_0394.jpg

Myers Park_0395.jpg

Myers Park_0396.jpg

Myers Park_0397.jpg

Myers Park_0398.jpg

Myers Park_0399.jpg



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