What’s Your Story?

I don’t take for granted the privilege it is to capture people’s story! I shot Kevin and Rhonda’s wedding a few years ago, and here they are at a new milestone! Kevin and Rhonda’s maternity photos were taken at Bonnie Wenk Park in Mckinney. They are so excited about their newest addition! As you can probably already tell, I absolutely love capturing the landmark moments in couple’s lives. From their wedding day to starting their family, it’s all so special to be a part of. What’s your story? My wife and I would love to be there to document just a small snippet. One small glance of a moment in time can share stories that last for a lifetime.

Maternity Session_1791.jpg

Maternity Session_1792.jpg

Maternity Session_1793.jpg

Maternity Session_1794.jpg

Maternity Session_1795.jpg

Maternity Session_1796.jpg

Maternity Session_1798.jpg

Maternity Session_1799.jpg

Maternity Session_1800.jpg

Maternity Session_1801.jpg

Maternity Session_1802.jpg

Maternity Session_1803.jpg

Maternity Session_1804.jpg

Maternity Session_1805.jpg

Maternity Session_1806.jpg

Maternity Session_1807.jpg

Maternity Session_1808.jpg

Maternity Session_1809.jpg

Maternity Session_1810.jpg

Maternity Session_1811.jpg

Maternity Session_1812.jpg

Maternity Session_1813.jpg

Maternity Session_1814.jpg

Maternity Session_1815.jpg

Maternity Session_1816.jpg

Maternity Session_1817.jpg

Maternity Session_1818.jpg

Maternity Session_1819.jpg

Maternity Session_1820.jpg

Maternity Session_1821.jpg

Maternity Session_1822.jpg

Maternity Session_1823.jpg

Maternity Session_1824.jpg

Maternity Session_1825.jpg

Maternity Session_1826.jpg

Maternity Session_1827.jpg

Maternity Session_1828.jpg

Maternity Session_1829.jpg

Maternity Session_1830.jpg

Maternity Session_1831.jpg

Maternity Session_1832.jpg

Maternity Session_1833.jpg

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