mckinney family portrait photographer tips

Let’s be honest…

Let’s be honest. Some of the pictures you take are great…but some…not so much. But in your defense…life is crazy, kids are fast, and cameras don’t always do what you want them to. On top of that, all the photography tips you see out there seem to be geared towards people with 0 kids and a $3000 camera. It is time that changes. I am putting down the $3000 camera and picking up my phone to get real pictures. Pictures you can take today. As as I take them, I will add a short & sweet tip.  These tips aren’t for the pros. They are for

  • Moms and dads who have a kid in one hand and grilled cheese in the other.
  • Busy people who don’t have time to read long & complicated tips about things that aren’t relevant to them.
  • People who love their family but could use not tips on how to better capture them
  • People who want to grow in some practical photography skills.
How will I post the tips?
  • On Facebook & Instagram there will be a picture with a tip. Short and sweet. Sometimes that is all you need. Sometimes you will want more info or explaination. If that is the case…
  • On the blog will be a more detailed explanation about the tip.

So spread the word. Get on facebook & Instagram. And start taking better pictures! Oh, and help me out…as you see the tips posted, try it out with the tag #ROphototips – I love to see your pictures!

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