Kelli’s Bridals// Adriatica in Mckinney, Texas

Kelli wanted her bridals in an architecturally rich setting. Something that was beautiful and charming. SO we headed to Adriatica in McKinney. it was the perfect mix of nature and architecture. We had fun getting some pictures for her to display at her wedding at the Savannah in Sulphur Springs.

Adriatica Mckinney_1138.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1139.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1140.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1141.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1142.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1143.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1144.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1145.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1146.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1147.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1148.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1149.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1150.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1151.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1152.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1153.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1154.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1155.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1156.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1157.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1158.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1159.jpg

Adriatica Mckinney_1160.jpg

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