Jay and Melissa’s Wedding// The Springs, Mckinney, Texas

At the Springs in McKinney…everything seems to always be beautiful and perfect! And to top it off: you know Jay loved Melissa in her wedding dress when you see his reaction in the photo below! Best. Reaction. Ever. 1 year ago we met this sweet couple. 9 months ago Jay was working his construction magic at our 100 year old house, re-tiling our bathroom floors, and now we got to be there to witness and capture Jay & Melissa’s marriage. It is always neat when 2 families are each others clients! Jay and Melissa had a beautiful outdoor ceremony followed by a live band at their reception. People were dancing, smiling, snap chatting, and just having a blast at this one. This is definitely a couple that you want to know – their friends are great, their relationships are real, and they make you feel like family! Here are some of the best photos from their wedding:


Springs Mckinney_1266.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1267.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1268.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1269.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1270.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1271.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1272.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1273.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1274.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1275.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1276.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1277.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1278.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1279.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1280.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1281.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1282.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1283.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1284.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1285.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1286.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1287.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1288.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1289.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1290.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1291.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1292.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1293.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1294.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1295.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1296.jpg

Springs Mckinney_1297.jpg

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