Engagement season is past….now it is wedding time // The Flour Mill, Mckinney, Texas

The McKinney Flour Mill is such an incredible rustic & historic venue for a wedding in McKinney! The Beelands were married at Our Savior Lutheran Church in McKinney in a beautiful traditional church. Julie’s smile was radiant and the joy these two had was felt by everyone there! It was so beautiful to watch these two tie the knot!  Following the beautiful ceremony they headed down to the reception at the Flour Mill in Downtown McKinney.

The reception was nothing short of magical. When I look back at pictures of their Flour Mill reception, I am brought back to the beauty these two shared. You could feel the love and joy in the room. The backdrop of the Flour Mill is truly amazing. The old historic bricks and and original flooring. Being in the Flour Mill feels like a step back in time. You just can’t find historic buildings like this…and to be able to have a wedding here is a gift!

Amanda Spencer helped Julie prepare for the ceremony by doing her makeup, and Bonham Floral provided the beautiful flowers for the ceremony. Full Circle Melody was the DJ for the evening, Mckinney catering brought the delicious meal, and Cakes by Design made the incredible cake.

I was so honored to be one of the many people that took part in making this day one that Julie and Wes would remember for all of their lives!Here is a preview of the McKinney Flour Mill wedding!

Country Engagements_2474.jpg

Country Engagements_2475.jpg

Country Engagements_2476.jpg

Country Engagements_2477.jpg

Country Engagements_2478.jpg

Country Engagements_2479.jpg

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Country Engagements_2495.jpg

Country Engagements_2496.jpg

Country Engagements_2497.jpg

Country Engagements_2498.jpg

Country Engagements_2499.jpg

Country Engagements_2500.jpg

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Country Engagements_2503.jpg

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Country Engagements_2505.jpg

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Country Engagements_2508.jpg

Country Engagements_2509.jpg

Country Engagements_2510.jpg

Country Engagements_2511.jpg

Country Engagements_2512.jpg

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Country Engagements_2542.jpg

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