I Used to Think :: Part 3 :: Hair & Make-up

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Hair and makeup is one of those items on the vendor list that I honestly never really cared about. People would ask for my recommendations and I would say…”um…I am a dude. So probably not the best to ask.” I used to think who you choose for your hair and makeup didn’t really matter…and how hard could it be to really decide since there are hair/makeup artists all over Dallas & McKinney.

Well, as you have guessed…experience taught me that this isn’t the case. Now, I am still a dude and still know absolutely nothing about hair and makeup…but here is what I do know: those pictures you want…you know, before the ceremony…well those might not ever happen if you choose the wrong girl.

dallas wedding photogrpaher heritage springs_1214.jpg

Before a wedding I discuss the timeline with the bride (so we can capture it best): when they are getting their hair & makeup done, when it will be finished, when they will arrive at their venue, when we will get pictures of her bridesmaids, and when we will do pictures in her wedding dress and/or the first look. The timeline always looks good…and the #1 reason that timeline goes out the window: hair & makeup.

I have had hair & makeup finished 5 minutes before the ceremony started…3 hours behind schedule. Maybe that is an extreme example…but I would say that about 50% of weddings will have the photographer waiting while the bride is running about an hour behind because of the hair/makeup. That is an hour or more that you could have been getting pictures in that dress you have dreaming about since you were a little girl…an hour we could have spent getting pictures of you just enjoying yourself on the biggest day of your life…and hour that would have relieved the stress of barely being ready on time.
dallas wedding photogrpaher heritage springs_1215.jpg

As a bride, you will spend thousands of dollars on your photographer. Thousands on a Dallas/McKinney venue and wedding dress…and because of saving a couple hundred on makeup you could miss out on pictures you would have had for a lifetime. The best makeup artists and hair stylists are dang good and crazy efficient. They have been doing it long enough to know how long things take, and know the goal isn’t to be done by the wedding…but to be done for photos. Don’t just pick someone good. Pick someone who knows the industry and has the big picture in mind (like Brooke Himes for hair or Wendy Zerrudo for makeup). And since I am a guy, your best bet would be to give one of my favorite wedding planners a call and they can help you out with this and so much more:

Forever Events & Weddings

Each & Every Detail

Chic Fleur Wedding & Events


Cover image was taken at Heritage Springs Event Venue, Hair by Brooke Himes


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