How to dress your family for your portriat session | What to wear


One of the most stressful parts of family pictures can be the preperation. Here are just a few tips I give my clients on what to wear…hope they help!


This is one of the questions photographers get asked most frequently…and a question we photographers often neglect…but it matters just as much as the quality of the pictures.

I still remember a poster sized family picture in my living room growing up: white colored shirts, khaki pants, and yes…we were on the beach. Laugh away, but you totally had that same picture!

Getting ready for a photo-shoot is challenging enough, so here are a couple tips from my experience that will help your pictures look great and best capture who you are.


I would recommend you start your wardrobe planning with the women in your group (men tend to be easier to dress).  Does your little girl have a fun, colorful, patterned dress that you love with some cute accessories to match?  Or, mom- grandma, do you love that bright ruffle top with your favorite cardigan?  Go for it!

Ladies, grab your accessories – head bands, big earrings, chunky jewelry, boots, and don’t forget the hair bows for the little girls.  Layers also add interest and texture to pictures (vests, cardigans, scarfs, jackets) and help capture your personality. The men tend to look less interesting (no offense guys) so it is up to you, ladies, to make the pictures unique to your family!

For the men, choose solids or simple stripes or plaids that coordinate with the color scheme.    Be sure if you have a big group that not all the men wear similar shirts or the black collared shirt will like more like a uniform (mix up the neutral tones).  In big groups, it looks best to agree to a few colors, but don’t be afraid of colors that go together (see the link below for some examples)!  As long as it goes with the scheme, it will look great!

Another important rule is to be sure everyone is the same level of dressy or casual.  Make sure dad knows that we are getting more dressed up and he can’t show up with his tennis shoes on.

In an effort to coordinate with everyone, it is easy to forget about you. Here are a couple tips to help you chose the best color/outfit for you.
Know your skin tone. If you have light colored skin, wear darker or more contrasting colors so your face doesn’t blend in.
No baseball hats, shorts, or t-shirts.  Casual is fine, but those are too casual.


Here is a link to my Pintrest board with examples of coordinating family outfits as well as complementary color pallets.

Don’t stress!  Of course the more people you have the more difficult this can be, but a little planning goes a long way in making sure you have pictures you love!  Please let me know if you have questions, and I would be happy to help!

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