Early Minion Special

early bird special 2013 post.jpg
Being a photogrpaher in Frisco TX makes things a little difficult in over 100 degree temperatures. The summers are crazy here, but soon after summer seaks up the busiest family portrait season of the year. Before Christmas is the time where everyone is getting family portraits taken for their Christmas cards…and this year (like every year) I can help you get ahead of the game and save some money! This year, in honor of my sons first trip to the movie theatre, we are renaming the Early Bird Special to the Early Minion Special. And you have to admit…those things are super cute anyway, so why not? If you schedule a session before October 15 (and like my facebook page: www.facebook.com/dfwphotography) then you will get $75 off! Add that to the lack of stress you will have when you get those pictures and cards done early and you have quite the deal! Email, FB, or call me to get your session scheduled!

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