Dustin and Ashley’s Engagement Shoot// Mckinney, Texas

Dustin and Ashley had their engagement shoot in the great town of Mckinney! Dustin is from Michigan and Ashley is from Texas, and together they both have a love for nature and small towns. This led us to the town that has the best of both worlds, Mckinney. Downtown Mckinney has a quaint town square with small mom and pop shops and family owned restaurants and businesses, while Erwin park has the wide, scenic outdoors of the country. It was great catching this couple before the big day. Their wedding would be a completely different setting in Deep Ellum in Dallas.

Catholic Wedding_1052.jpg

Catholic Wedding_1053.jpg

Catholic Wedding_1054.jpg

Catholic Wedding_1055.jpg

Catholic Wedding_1056.jpg

Catholic Wedding_1057.jpg

Catholic Wedding_1058.jpg

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Catholic Wedding_1100.jpg

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