Dog Lovers Engagement Photos

Who has a dog they want in photos? It is a question I get a lot as a photographer: can I bring my dog. And the answer is yes! Bring your dog!  We love all the relationships we get to capture and you and your dog is just that. Bringing your dog on an engagement shoot is something I have become very familiar with over the years. Couples love their dog and want to bring them along to help capture this season of their life: engaged, happy, and dog lovers. So when Justin and Marissa asked if they could bring their dogs to the engagement session, I of course said it would be great! What I didn’t realize was that these were 3 of the biggest and strongest dogs I had ever seen. When they pulled up, they didn’t just get out of the car with their dogs. They got out, went to the back of the SUV, and opened the back. Out came 3 dogs who would definitely beat me in a wrestling match. The goal was to spend about 15 minutes with the dogs getting some photos of Justin and Marissa with the dogs. What we didn’t anticipate was the dogs agenda. They didn’t get the engagement photos with dogs memo. The got the memo that there would be squirrels and smaller dogs (well, every dog is smaller) at White Rock Lake. So while we were trying to get them to look at the camera and snuggle up with Justin and Marissa….the dogs were looking at all the furry things running around White Rock Lake. Needless to say, with the help of Justin and Marissa’s friends who Kindly came to help, we were able to get a few engagement photos with dogs and send the dogs home. We spent the rest of the session without our furry friends and just walked around White Rock lake to get some beautiful engagement photos around the lake. It was green and sunny, which make for some really pretty photos! And now I am even more excited about their fall wedding at The Grand Ivory! For that wedding, we will be working with Each and Every Detail, so we know it will be a well planned and executed wedding! But for now, enjoy some of their engagement photos at White Rock Lake.

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5675.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5676.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5678.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5679.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5681.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5682.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5683.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5684.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5685.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5686.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5687.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5688.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5689.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5690.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5691.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5692.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5693.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5694.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5695.jpg

Justin and Marissa Engagements_5696.jpg

Dog Lovers Engagement Photos

Dog Lovers Engagement Photos

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