A DJ’s Wedding// Dallas, Texas

This seems to be the month of photographing weddings for fellow vendors. Dustin was a DJ, so he knew the industry and trusted me to capture he and Ashley’s wedding! Such an honor. Dustin is a Michigan State grad who moved to Texas and married a true southern Aggie girl. These two are so much fun to be around! The wedding ceremony took place at the church that Ashley attends just outside of Dallas, St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church. Then, we had a few hours to kill before the reception, so we snapped a few pictures, and headed off to Twisted Root Burger for a drink. There is something really neat about taking pictures at a rustic bar! The reception was held at 2616 Commerce Event Center in Deep Ellum. They started on the balcony with a coctail hour and a beautiful view of the Dallas Skyline. Afterwards, everyone headed downstairs for dinner and celebrating. It was a blast!

Rustic Wedding_0724.jpg Rustic Wedding_0725.jpg Rustic Wedding_0726.jpg Rustic Wedding_0727.jpg Rustic Wedding_0729.jpg Rustic Wedding_0730.jpg Rustic Wedding_0731.jpg Rustic Wedding_0732.jpg Rustic Wedding_0728.jpg Rustic Wedding_0733.jpg Rustic Wedding_0734.jpg Rustic Wedding_0735.jpg Rustic Wedding_0736.jpg Rustic Wedding_0737.jpg Rustic Wedding_0738.jpg Rustic Wedding_0739.jpg Rustic Wedding_0740.jpg Rustic Wedding_0741.jpg Rustic Wedding_0742.jpg Rustic Wedding_0743.jpg Rustic Wedding_0744.jpg Rustic Wedding_0745.jpg Rustic Wedding_0746.jpg Rustic Wedding_0747.jpg Rustic Wedding_0748.jpg Rustic Wedding_0749.jpg Rustic Wedding_0750.jpg Rustic Wedding_0751.jpg Rustic Wedding_0752.jpg Rustic Wedding_0753.jpg Rustic Wedding_0754.jpg Rustic Wedding_0755.jpg Rustic Wedding_0756.jpg Rustic Wedding_0757.jpg Rustic Wedding_0758.jpg Rustic Wedding_0759.jpg Rustic Wedding_0760.jpg Rustic Wedding_0763.jpg Rustic Wedding_0764.jpg Rustic Wedding_0765.jpg Rustic Wedding_0761.jpg Rustic Wedding_0762.jpg Rustic Wedding_0766.jpg Rustic Wedding_0767.jpg Rustic Wedding_0768.jpg Rustic Wedding_0769.jpg Rustic Wedding_0770.jpg Rustic Wedding_0771.jpg Rustic Wedding_0772.jpg Rustic Wedding_0773.jpg Rustic Wedding_0774.jpg Rustic Wedding_0775.jpg Rustic Wedding_0776.jpg Rustic Wedding_0777.jpg Rustic Wedding_0778.jpg Rustic Wedding_0779.jpg Rustic Wedding_0780.jpg

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