A Classic Wedding // Holy Trinity Catholic Church and Trinity Groves, Dallas

Josh and Kate had a classic, traditional wedding in the great city of Dallas, Texas. Their ceremony took place at the beautiful Holy Tinity Catholic Church in a lofty sanctuary lined with traditional wooden pews.

One aspect that made this wedding so athentic was Josh and Kate’s desire to make their wedding day a family affair. Both sides of the family were in the wedding party. They were a fun bunch that made their appearance in grey and blue. Sunshine was the style of the wedding on a gorgeous November day… Complete with sunflower bouquets from Z’s Florist for the bridesmaids and pairs of shades for the groomsmen. Josh and Kate even wanted to throw in some nostalgia and vintage flair to their wedding pictures by recreating some of the photos taken at their parent’s wedding. I so admired this honoring of their parents.

Josh and Kate’s reception took place at Trinity Groves in Dallas. This incredibly photogenic couple made the backdrop of the city-view pail in comparison. The reception was a great party. DJ connection ran the show that evening. With friends and loved ones, the celebration of the newlyweds was a complete success!

Classic Wedding_1650.jpg

Classic Wedding_1651.jpg

Classic Wedding_1652.jpg

Classic Wedding_1653.jpg

Classic Wedding_1654.jpg

Classic Wedding_1655.jpg

Classic Wedding_1656.jpg

Classic Wedding_1657.jpg

Classic Wedding_1658.jpg

Classic Wedding_1659.jpg

Classic Wedding_1660.jpg

Classic Wedding_1661.jpg

Classic Wedding_1662.jpg

Classic Wedding_1663.jpg

Classic Wedding_1664.jpg

Classic Wedding_1665.jpg

Classic Wedding_1666.jpg

Classic Wedding_1667.jpg

Classic Wedding_1668.jpg

Classic Wedding_1669.jpg

Classic Wedding_1670.jpg

Classic Wedding_1671.jpg

Classic Wedding_1672.jpg

Classic Wedding_1673.jpg

Classic Wedding_1674.jpg

Classic Wedding_1675.jpg

Classic Wedding_1676.jpg

Classic Wedding_1677.jpg

Classic Wedding_1678.jpg

Classic Wedding_1679.jpg

Classic Wedding_1680.jpg

Classic Wedding_1681.jpg

Classic Wedding_1682.jpg

Classic Wedding_1683.jpg

Classic Wedding_1684.jpg

Classic Wedding_1685.jpg

Classic Wedding_1686.jpg

Classic Wedding_1687.jpg

Classic Wedding_1688.jpg

Classic Wedding_1689.jpg

Classic Wedding_1690.jpg

Classic Wedding_1691.jpg

Classic Wedding_1692.jpg

Classic Wedding_1693.jpg

Classic Wedding_1694.jpg

Classic Wedding_1695.jpg

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