Christmas Gift Ideas [2 of 3] | Canvas or Gift Certificate

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Gift 2: Gift Card or Canvas

$50 off any canvas until Christmas
$50 for a $75 gift card to Ryan O’Dowd Photography

When it comes to family pictures, there are 2 common things that happen.
A family will get their pictures taken, order the digitals, and because of the busyness, craziness, and pace of life, never get around to printing & displaying them.
Schedules get packed, unexpected expenses come up, or families keep forgetting, and the pictures they wanted of their 3 year old will now be taken of their 4 year old. The family regrets it, but there is nothing they can do.

So the 2nd gift idea is to help cure these common problems. To help with #1, buy them a canvas! They don’t even have to know. If I took their pictures this year, I still have all the digitals and can get them printed for you to give as a gift. And to make it a little sweeter, from now until Christmas you get $50 off any canvas.

And to help with #2, get them a gift card! There is something about a gift card the helps encourage people to use it, which will help them get the pictures they really want, but keep putting off. From now until Christmas I will be selling $75 gift cards for Ryan O’Dowd Photography for $50.

So this Christmas, don’t just buy a gift that will be thrown away next year…buy them one that will be treasured forever.

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