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Change the Angle | #ROphototips

Welcome to #ROphototips … if you missed the first post introducing it, here is a quick summary:

  • There are tips for everyday people who want to take better & more creative photographs
  • All my examples will be taken on my phone…no fancy equipment
  • A short post will be on instagram (@ryanodowd3) and a longer explanation here on the blog
  • Tag #ROphototips to show me your tips in action!
Change the Angle | #ROphototips

Photo Mar 21, 9 08 40 AM








Most of us take our pictures from the angle in which our eyes view the scene…straight ahead. Well, this #ROphototip is about seeing what you want to take a picture of, pausing to think of a better angle, then taking the picture. Too often, we see something we want a picture of and just snap. That misses the most important piece of the puzzle when taking a picture: how you compose it. So this week:

  • stop and think about a new angle before taking a picture.
  • Try out some new angels (above, below, to the side).
  • Tag #ROphototips

Happy picture taking and happy Friday!

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