Capture the Scene | #ROphotoTips

By default, people will find what they want to take a picture of…center it in their viewfinder…and snap the picture. The result: pictures that don’t really stand out of the crowd…ones that don’t beg you to want more. So something I am constantly teaching about is composition. It is the most important element in photography…and the only one that is free!  People will buy thousands of dollars of camera equipment and their pictures still don’t look any better. If you can master composition…you can master photography.

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So this week:

  • back up and capture the whole scene
  • don’t center the subject
  • Tag #ROphotoTips


What is #ROphotoTips?

These are tips for everyday people who want to take better & more creative photographs

  • All my examples will be taken on my phone…no fancy equipment
  • A short post will be on instagram (@ryanodowd3) and a longer explanation here on the blog
  • Tag #ROphototips to show me your tips in action!

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