A Californian Wedding in Texas// The Springs: Tuscan Hill, Dallas, Texas

Destination weddings are always a logistical challenge…especially when the destination part is just for the bride and groom. Instead of coordinating hotel rooms and directions, Andy and Tonya had to coordinate the entire wedding from California. Something that could not have happened without their amazing wedding coordinator, Melanie Hill of Exceptional Events.

This California couple wanted to have their wedding in Texas: where their friends and family live – and Melanie was up of the challenge. And just in time, a venue opened up just north of Dallas and McKinney that they fell in love with. It is a venue that makes you feel like you are in Italy…without even leaving the metroplex. The Springs – Tuscan Hill was the perfect setting for these to to commit their lives to each other and celebrate their marriage. Here are some pictures of their day:

Catholic Wedding_0913.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0914.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0915.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0916.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0917.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0918.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0919.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0920.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0921.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0922.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0923.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0924.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0925.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0926.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0927.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0928.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0929.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0930.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0931.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0932.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0933.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0934.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0935.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0936.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0937.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0938.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0939.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0940.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0941.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0942.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0943.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0944.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0945.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0946.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0947.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0948.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0949.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0950.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0951.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0952.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0953.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0954.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0955.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0956.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0957.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0958.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0959.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0960.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0961.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0962.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0963.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0964.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0965.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0966.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0967.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0968.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0969.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0970.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0971.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0972.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0973.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0974.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0975.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0976.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0977.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0978.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0979.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0980.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0981.jpg

Catholic Wedding_0982.jpg

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