Brewery Engagement Session at Intrinsic

Who wouldn’t want to have an engagement session at a brewery like Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery? Not only do they have great beer, great food, and a great atmosphere…but then you get to drink at your engagement session! Worried about your nerves at your session? Have a beer! Worried about getting hungry? Have your session at a smokehouse. Worried about the summer heat? Have it inside! Check, check, check! These two found the gold mine of engagement session locations! And there is just something really neat about an empty restaurant and brewery! It was so fun! 

We started off in the tap room, and then took some photos on their outdoor patio and back where the beer is brewed! After a few outfit changes we headed out to the historic downtown square of garland for some more photos. These two are super laid back and we so fun to hang out with! We have another date at a brewry this fall when they become one of the first couples to get married at the new Community Beer location! Get ready folks, this wedding is going to be amazing! 


stone crest wedding venue_2942.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2932.jpg
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stone crest wedding venue_2931.jpg
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stone crest wedding venue_2946.jpg

Nasher Sculpture Center Engagement Session in Dallas

An engagement session at the Nasher Sculpture center was the perfect spot for Ryan and Sarah. Ryan and Sarah love the arts. They go to museums and theaters all the time. The truly appreciate the creative side of life. 

With that, they got all dressed up on a hot summer morning to start their session nat Klyde Warren park in Dallas. After the skyline, we had the entire Nasher Sculpture Center to ourselves! The location was perfect for these two, and so different from their rustic wedding they have coming up. The engagements were among art. Their wedding will be among the trees at River Road Chateau.  I am excited for these two!!

nasher sculpture center engagements_2947.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2950.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2952.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2961.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2948.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2951.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2955.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2963.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2960.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2957.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2964.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2958.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2959.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2949.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2962.jpg
nasher sculpture center engagements_2954.jpg

Kindercare Coorporate Shoot | McKinney, Prosper, Frisco

Kindercare? That isn’t a wedding venue. But it is where I spent some time this week. A lot of people don’t know that we don’t just photograph weddings. We do it all! And when it comes to the corporate side of photography, our goal is to make your company look remarkable. 
Kindercare is opening up 3 locations in North Texas this year: Prosper, McKinney, and Frisco. The corporate offices hired me to come out to each of these locations and take photos for their website and marketing material. Great photos are a necessary piece to showing these families the amazing facilities for their kids to enjoy. Here are a few shots of these centers. If you need a place for your kids, check out kindercare! 

kindercare prosper mckinney frisco_2965.jpg
kindercare prosper mckinney frisco_2966.jpg
kindercare prosper mckinney frisco_2967.jpg
kindercare prosper mckinney frisco_2968.jpg
kindercare prosper mckinney frisco_2970.jpg
kindercare prosper mckinney frisco_2969.jpg
kindercare prosper mckinney frisco_2971.jpg
kindercare prosper mckinney frisco_2972.jpg

Dallas Arboretum Pumpkin Patch Engagements

The Dallas Arboretum is always a beautiful location for any type of photography, which is why Tracey and Caleb chose it for their engagement session. This is a couple/family with such a beautiful story of restoration. A couple who broke up after their daughter was born, but life had bigger and better plans. Years later after being apart, they got back together and now these two are getting married! This is just incredible! There is just something extra special about a story like this. It gives you hope that there is always something to fight for. Always a reason to keep going. And the possibility of a beautiful story in the end! I have so much respect for these two and the resilience to heal a broken relationship and form it into something better! 

Here is a little preview of their Dallas Arboretum engagements in the fall.

stone crest wedding venue_2916.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2914.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2908.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2911.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2913.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2909.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2910.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2915.jpg
stone crest wedding venue_2912.jpg