Lisa & Frankie’s Daytime Summer Wedding // Rustic Grace Estate in McKinney

Pre-COVID, Lisa and Frankie chose Rustic Grace Estate for their summer wedding. They fell in love the beauty of the venue coupled with the fact that they could have it all indoors! You can’t beat an indoor summer wedding in Dallas/McKinney while still having some room for outdoor photos. Honeybird Photobooth was there to entertain the guests with props and fun. Being a day time wedding there wasn’t much dancing, but that didn’t stop the guests from enjoying their time.

Here is a preview of their daytime summer wedding at Rustic Grace Estate. Enjoy the photos!

daytime summer estate wedding_1282.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1287.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1288.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1283.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1289.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1290.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1305.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1299.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1297.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1296.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1300.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1302.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1303.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1309.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1308.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1313.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1307.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1306.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1319.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1320.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1292.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1294.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1291.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1324.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1323.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1325.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1326.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1321.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1322.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1314.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1311.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1318.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1304.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1285.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1317.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1316.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1286.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1327.jpg

Eric & April’s Heartwarming COVID Chapel Wedding // Chestnut Square Chapel in McKinney

April contacted me in June about shooting her rescheduled and completely changed wedding thanks to COVID-19. It went from a large party to a small family gathering, but it still went on! They didn’t want their McKinney wedding to delay any longer. These two were ready to get married at Chestnut Square in McKinney. So…that is exactly what happened!

In the Chestnut Square Chapel, Eric and April had a wedding that their guests will forever remember. Guests were masked up, but present. After their chapel wedding, they headed over to Ricks Chophouse in downtown McKinney for a little brunch. COVID couldn’t stop the first dances, the speeches, and the good food. Congrats to these two!

mckinney chapel covid wedding_1257.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1258.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1260.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1263.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1262.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1264.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1265.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1248.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1279.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1281.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1266.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1267.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1268.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1270.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1253.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1250.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1254.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1255.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1252.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1251.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1256.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1245.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1247.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1246.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1273.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1274.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1276.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1277.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1275.jpg
mckinney chapel covid wedding_1272.jpg

Quarantine Porch Photo Sessions // McKinney, TX

Our blog had to take a little break from wedding photography thanks to COVID, but we’re doing what we can to capture what we can. COVID and government restrictions make it hard, but porch pictures have filled in the gap a little.

Our first round of porch pictures consisted of mostly old wedding clients who have since had babies and moved on to the next chapter of life. From wedding dress to baby rompers. Tie around the neck to bibs. Life changes. Love grows. And we are there for all of it!

Here are some quarantine porch photos we got to capture.

quarantine family porch pictures_1113.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1117.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1114.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1129.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1127.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1170.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1161.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1142.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1148.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1168.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1133.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1138.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1212.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1206.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1216.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1217.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1198.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1197.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1231.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1230.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1225.jpg
quarantine family porch pictures_1223.jpg

Emily & Zac’s Summertime Rustic Grace COVID Wedding // McKinney, TX

Rustic Grace Estate has always been a favorite of mine for weddings, especially in the summer. There is just something about a white chapel and old red barn that screams summer. And the fact that everything can be inside, in the air conditioning, makes it a perfect summer wedding venue.

Emily and Zac booked me a long time ago, and then COVID hit. There was a concern of their Rustic Grace wedding needing to be postponed, but they made it happen! With a few changes to the guest list and creative planning, they were able to make their summer wedding work in a time where nothing else seemed to work. It was such a sweet time to see their family and close friends rally and celebrate with them. And I was thrilled to be there to capture all the wedding moments for them to remember. Oh, and did we mention we had insane wind, rain, heat…and a sweet old car? Cause we did.

sweet summertime covid wedding_1012.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1011.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1020.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1023.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1022.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1007.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1008.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1026.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1017.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1016.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1014.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1013.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1027.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1028.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1025.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1032.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1033.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1041.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1042.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1040.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1039.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1047.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1044.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1046.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1057.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1058.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1052.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1053.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1069.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1067.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1073.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1061.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1063.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1050.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1051.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1054.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1055.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1079.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1097.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1096.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1086.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1085.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1091.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1095.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1093.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1087.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1094.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1090.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1088.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1100.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1103.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1102.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1099.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1062.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1048.jpg
sweet summertime covid wedding_1064.jpg

Notice regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to monitor and abide by the government issued orders in regards to gathering and events. As of May 1 we are officially back open for sessions (engagements, family, head shots, bridals) and small weddings!