A Surprise McKinney Proposal

This proposal at the McKinney Cotton Mill was such a joy to be a part of. Collin had the whole thing planned out, including a party afterwards with family and friends. Collin reserved the Mckinney Cotton mill for both the proposal and the party, and it was such ia beautiful setting. 

Collin proposed on the bridge by the outdoor ceremony site and The Cotton Mill. This McKinney proposal incredible and it was clear that he surprised her! Oh…and she said yes! 

mckinney wedding venue proposal_0007.jpg
mckinney wedding venue proposal_0008.jpg
mckinney wedding venue proposal_0010.jpg
mckinney wedding venue proposal_0011.jpg
mckinney wedding venue proposal_0012.jpg
mckinney wedding venue proposal_0009.jpg

Historic Red Barn Family Portraits // The Farmhouse McKinney

Wedding Photography and Family Portraits go hand and hand these days. Years ago (pre-covid…which seems like decades ago) we shot Mary and Michael’s wedding at Chestnut Square in McKinney. Their wedding was colorful, beautiful, and full of smiles. 3 years and 1 kid later and they are just as happy as they were on their wedding day. Life has changed for them, but their love of life and joy in the little things keeps them going. We went from a historic wedding venue in Chestnut Square to the old historic red barn at The Farmhouse McKinney. Here is a little preview of their family photos in the time of COVID.
red barn summer family portraits_1462.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1463.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1465.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1466.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1442.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1469.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1445.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1441.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1461.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1460.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1444.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1453.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1447.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1451.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1452.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1457.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1455.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1454.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1459.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1458.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1472.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1485.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1477.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1488.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1473.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1486.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1484.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1474.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1489.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1479.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1490.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1480.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1483.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1487.jpg
red barn summer family portraits_1471.jpg

Kandyce & Preston’s Charming Summertime Wedding // Rustic Grace Estate

Kandyce and Preston had a wedding to remember at Rustic Grace Estate in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. They had to cut their numbers down due to the state wide COVID regulations…but nothing else changed. They still went all out with floral, decorations, food, and fun! They might have had to skip every other row in the white chapel, but they didn’t skip the fun and celebration. There was still dancing and celebrating!

Getting married is always a busy season of life with all the planning and things to think about. Getting married during COVID is a different ballgame. Which is why it was so amazing to have Shannon Rose Events keeping everything organized and on schedule. Nothing was missed and the wedding went off without a hitch!

summer ranch covid wedding_1330.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1331.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1333.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1334.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1337.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1346.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1342.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1343.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1339.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1381.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1382.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1365.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1366.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1367.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1373.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1369.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1370.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1374.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1371.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1389.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1388.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1400.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1399.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1396.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1398.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1394.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1397.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1392.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1391.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1393.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1390.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1376.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1377.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1336.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1378.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1379.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1420.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1418.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1424.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1419.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1426.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1357.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1354.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1356.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1422.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1429.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1359.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1350.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1355.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1430.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1440.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1407.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1411.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1353.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1421.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1439.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1410.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1404.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1362.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1433.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1431.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1432.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1438.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1412.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1435.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1436.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1434.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1415.jpg
summer ranch covid wedding_1414.jpg

Lisa & Frankie’s Daytime Summer Wedding // Rustic Grace Estate in McKinney

Pre-COVID, Lisa and Frankie chose Rustic Grace Estate for their summer wedding. They fell in love the beauty of the venue coupled with the fact that they could have it all indoors! You can’t beat an indoor summer wedding in Dallas/McKinney while still having some room for outdoor photos. Honeybird Photobooth was there to entertain the guests with props and fun. Being a day time wedding there wasn’t much dancing, but that didn’t stop the guests from enjoying their time.

Here is a preview of their daytime summer wedding at Rustic Grace Estate. Enjoy the photos!

daytime summer estate wedding_1282.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1287.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1288.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1283.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1289.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1290.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1305.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1299.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1297.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1296.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1300.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1302.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1303.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1309.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1308.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1313.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1307.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1306.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1319.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1320.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1292.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1294.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1291.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1324.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1323.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1325.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1326.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1321.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1322.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1314.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1311.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1318.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1304.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1285.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1317.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1316.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1286.jpg
daytime summer estate wedding_1327.jpg

Notice regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to monitor and abide by the government issued orders in regards to gathering and events. As of May 1 we are officially back open for sessions (engagements, family, head shots, bridals) and small weddings!