A Beautiful Beginning// The Venue at Waterstone, Mckinney, Texas

The Venue at Waterstone is a rustic wedding venue north of McKinney that combines a beautiful scenery with a true Texas feel. The barn is breathtaking. It is large & open… built with authenticity and elegance in mind. The photographer in me just wants to stay there all day shooting…but I don’t think the owners would like that 🙂

When Grayson and Emily talked to me about their wedding at The Venue at Waterstone, I was super excited to be the photographer there again. They were just the sweetest couple who wanted nothing more than to have a wedding that celebrates their beautiful beginning as husband and wife. And as I have gotten to know them over the past year – I was excited to celebrate with them!

The got married on the island of the venue surrounded by water. A harpist played as Emily walked down the aisle in her wedding dress. From there, her dad officiated the weddings, her soon to be sister in law lead in a worship song, and the rest of the family was in tears as this amazing couple tied the knot. It was a marriage that was celebrated and awaited by many… What a beautiful wedding! Here are some of the photos from the day.

The Venue_1738.jpg

The Venue_1739.jpg

The Venue_1740.jpg

The Venue_1741.jpg

The Venue_1742.jpg

The Venue_1743.jpg

The Venue_1744.jpg

The Venue_1745.jpg

The Venue_1746.jpg

The Venue_1747.jpg

The Venue_1748.jpg

The Venue_1749.jpg

The Venue_1765.jpg

The Venue_1766.jpg

The Venue_1751.jpg

The Venue_1752.jpg

The Venue_1753.jpg

The Venue_1754.jpg

The Venue_1755.jpg

The Venue_1756.jpg

The Venue_1757.jpg

The Venue_1758.jpg

The Venue_1759.jpg

The Venue_1760.jpg

The Venue_1761.jpg

The Venue_1762.jpg

The Venue_1763.jpg

The Venue_1764.jpg

The Venue_1767.jpg

The Venue_1768.jpg

The Venue_1769.jpg

The Venue_1770.jpg

The Venue_1771.jpg

The Venue_1772.jpg

The Venue_1773.jpg

The Venue_1774.jpg

The Venue_1775.jpg

The Venue_1776.jpg

The Venue_1777.jpg

The Venue_1778.jpg

The Venue_1779.jpg

The Venue_1780.jpg

The Venue_1781.jpg

The Venue_1750.jpg

The Venue_1782.jpg

The Venue_1783.jpg

The Venue_1784.jpg

The Venue_1785.jpg

The Venue_1786.jpg

The Venue_1787.jpg

The Venue_1788.jpg

The Venue_1789.jpg

The Venue_1790.jpg

The Venue_1791.jpg

The Venue_1792.jpg

The Venue_1793.jpg

The Venue_1794.jpg

The Venue_1795.jpg

The Venue_1796.jpg

The Venue_1797.jpg

The Venue_1798.jpg

The Venue_1799.jpg

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