Avi and Kristin’s Wedding, A Blending of Cultures// Dallas, Texas

Experiencing Dallas with a twist might be how I would describe photographing this wedding! Avi and Kristin’s wedding was the story of two beautiful cultures blending together as one. For their wedding day, they did not want to have to choose which culture to honor…so they didn’t. This eclectic couple’s ceremony took place at the Empire Room in the Dallas Arts District.

Meredith, with Significant Events of Texas helped the execution of Avi and Kristin’s collaboration of ideas for their big day. They began their wedding day with a beautiful Indian ceremony. The groom processed down the street for his Baraat in such a joyous fashion that cars pulled over to see it! Both families were included in the Indian ceremony. After a short intermission for the bride and groom to change, the couple participated in a traditional western ceremony, followed by a party, put on by Leforce Entertainment, that is one for the books. In fact… when it ended, no one left the dance floor. The crowd would not leave without a few extra encore songs! They ended the evening with a beautiful sparkler exit.

The bride and groom were some of the most genuine people I have had the privilege of being around. You can always tell the character of a couple by the depth of their friendships and what others say about them. These speeches made by the maid of honor and best man confirmed what I knew to be true about these two: They are the ones that everyone is honored to be friends with. They treat everyone with such compassion and love and make you feel valued. It was truly an honor to be part of this wedding.

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