Austin and Chelsea’s Engagement Shoot// Downtown Dallas, Texas

Austin and Chelsea are native Texans so they wanted to have their engagement photos taken in fun, artsy, Downtown Dallas. We shot a few in a historic western town, complete with Austin and Chelsea’s country flair.

Downtown Dallas_1554.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1556.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1557.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1558.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1559.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1560.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1561.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1562.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1563.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1564.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1565.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1566.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1567.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1568.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1569.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1570.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1571.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1572.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1573.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1574.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1575.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1576.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1577.jpg

Downtown Dallas_1578.jpg

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