Artsy Arboretum Engagement Shoot// Dallas, Texas

Deep Ellum and the Dallas Arboretum was a great choice for Joel and Lauren’s engagement session. They wanted something artsy while also sticking with some nature to go with their wedding at Mitas Hill Vineyards in the Spring. With Lauren’s mom being a publisher – high quality and creative photography was very important…so that is what we went for. We had a blast walking through the city and enjoyed the nice weather as we finished at the arboretum.

Artsy Arboretum_1801.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1802.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1803.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1804.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1805.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1806.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1807.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1808.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1809.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1810.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1811.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1812.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1813.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1814.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1815.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1816.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1817.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1818.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1819.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1820.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1821.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1822.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1823.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1824.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1825.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1826.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1827.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1828.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1829.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1830.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1831.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1832.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1833.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1834.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1835.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1836.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1837.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1838.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1839.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1840.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1841.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1842.jpg

Artsy Arboretum_1843.jpg

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