Angela’s Bridal Shoot // Downtown Mckinney, Texas

Angela is a fellow Dallas and McKinney photographer – which makes this shoot extra fun! When working with another photographer, you know they will value light, settings, and the little things. Angela wanted to incorporate some of her Louisiana roots with her Texas love in these Bridals.

We went to downtown McKinney and did some pictures at some historic buildings for that old Louisiana charm…then finished with some pictures in her big Texas truck. Lots of fun. Lots of smiles…and lots of great times!

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1298.jpg

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1299.jpg

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1300.jpg

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1301.jpg

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1302.jpg

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1303.jpg

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1304.jpg

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1305.jpg

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1306.jpg

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1307.jpg

Rustic Downtown Mckinney_1308.jpg

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