Every couple wants to find the best wedding photographer for their wedding. But finding that photographer is a challenge…

Consistency and Quality

What to look for in a wedding photographer

How do you really know the quality of the photographer or photographers you are hiring? This is a question that so many couples are wondering and they don’t know where to start. And I get it. Anyone can have a few good photos on a portfolio and a few people say some nice things about them. My advice: consistency and quality.

When searching for a photographer, you don’t just want someone who hit one home run in their entire career. You want a photographer that is, to continue the baseball analogy, getting on base time and time again. Weddings are the most unpredictable event that any photographer will ever shoot. No two weddings are ever the same and no wedding goes exactly as planned. To me, the best wedding photographer will consistently prove they are worth the investment you make in them. Not because they can handle the wedding that goes as planned, but because they can handle the wedding where nothing seems to go right. The last thing you want to do is hire a photographer who shot a beautiful outdoor wedding last year, only to find out that your wedding will be their first in the rain. Consistency and quality matter. Which is why I always point my couples to my reviews.

Reviews from real couples

The best place to start your search

Have you ever seen a football team clear the sidelines when the opposing team gives the quarterback a cheap shot? The team that clears the sidelines to protect the quarterback is how brides protect other brides. Couples have each others backs. They are there for each other, even though they don’t know each other. This is proven in how many couples will review their vendors online. Couples take the time to post reviews because they want future couples to know what they are getting.

So as you search for that wedding photographer, reading reviews is always the best place to start. A photographer can get lucky at a few weddings, but as the reviews start piling up, you will really start to see their consistency (good or bad) and some themes. Read those reviews. What stands out time and time again as you read them? That will tell you exactly what you are getting when you hire them! And I believe so strongly in this that I am sending you away from my site to a site I can’t control to read what other couples have said about me. Because at the end of the day, I want you to trust me as your photographer.

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Wedding Wire Reviews



Ryan and his wife were a dream to work with. They have such a loving and professional energy that made me feel at ease. They move like clockwork so you don’t have to worry one bit. I felt like every moment was genuine and they knew how to capture the night!”



“The photographer was the most important vendor to me and I spent months nervously searching for the right one. Ryan immediately calmed my nerves with his quick replies and willingness to work with any situation. Ryan and his wife are experts at stepping up and giving direction when needed but also sitting back and capturing the moment. They far exceeded my expectations…We couldn’t have asked for better photographers!”



“The first time I saw Ryan’s work, I knew I wanted him to shoot my wedding. He was invested not just in our wedding but our story! I love how well he’s able to capture real & candid moments…and he nailed that with our wedding! On top of being incredibly talented, Ryan is organized, professional, and one of the most down to earth people you will meet.”



Being in the Dallas wedding industry has given me the opportunity to see vendors of all different styles, types, and quality. Every couple deserves to find the best vendors who fit with their vision for their wedding day. As a photographer, I know it is important for you to see my photos (on my portfolio, blog, and on instagram), but it is also important to hear from past couples. Real brides and grooms that chose me to photograph their weddings. The best Dallas wedding photographers are not as hard to find as you think…you just have to know what you are looking for. Best of luck in your search!