A wedding at a vineyard

A winery wedding with a planning challenge.

Wedding planning took on a whole new level of complicated with Meghan and Daniels winter wedding during covid. They already rescheduled once because of the pandemic. Then the week of their new wedding date, the grooms brother gets covid.
Do you reschedule again?
But their wedding venue is closing down…so there is that complication.
But you want your brother to be there.
Who is to say this won’t happen again at the next rescheduled date?
The best decision in this case does not exist. Brides have had to continually make hard decisions. Trying to have people at their wedding that they love, while keeping everyone as safe as possible. All while not wanting to delay life. Whew! TO be a bride in 2020 is not for the faint of heart!

All that going on, Meghan and Daniel got a negative covid test the week of their wedding so decided to move forward with it. With guest protected by masks and distancing, these to navigated the pandemic beautifully. Their wedding went on with the groom’s brother officiating via video conference. It was so fun to see these two get married despite all the challenges! Here are some photos of their wedding at a winery.

winery wedding photography_0910.jpg
winery wedding photography_0896.jpg
winery wedding photography_0911.jpg
winery wedding photography_0897.jpg
winery wedding photography_0899.jpg
winery wedding photography_0908.jpg
winery wedding photography_0902.jpg
winery wedding photography_0903.jpg
winery wedding photography_0906.jpg
winery wedding photography_0904.jpg
winery wedding photography_0905.jpg
winery wedding photography_0907.jpg
winery wedding photography_0909.jpg

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