A florist gets married at The Springs McKinney

Kara and Brandon got married at the Springs in McKinney, just a short drive from Dallas. If this place wasn’t pretty enough, Kara and her mom (florists at Classic Floral and Events) made this venue look spectacular. I have never seen this venue look so amazing! It is pretty neat to have a skill that can help your wedding shine.

Kara and Brandon are just the perfect fit for each other! Their wedding was full of family & friends there to celebrate this wonderful couple. And to make this photographer even more excited: a gorgeous sunset as the reception began. The Cake Stand and DJ connection helped keep guests sugared up and danced up as this couple celebrated their marriage.

The Springs_1197.jpg

The Springs_1199.jpg

The Springs_1200.jpg

The Springs_1201.jpg

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The Springs_1203.jpg

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