A Country Wedding at Rustic Grace Estate

As a wedding photographer, I get to hang out with so many different couples. Some are quiet and reserved while others are talkative and loud. So smile a lot while others just give you a smirk. Some post themselves while others need more direction.  Some are self proclaimed nerds while others are sports enthusiasts. And I love it all! Because every wedding gives a new opportunity to connect with a new couple. No wedding is the same. No couple is the same. Which means my job is never the same! 

Well, Emily and Jacob fit into the fun, loud, and sports fan list. To put it in perspective, the shotgunned a beer at the conclusion or their engagement session. So it goes without saying that this crowd was fun! Their wedding was full of smiles and joy! Not a single dull moment during their wedding at Rustic Grace Estate Wedding. Just a crowd of down to earth people who loved the vibe at the historic Rustic Grace red barn. Here is a preview of their wedding at the most perfect venue for them.

rustic grace country wedding_2145.jpg
rustic grace country wedding_2153.jpg
rustic grace country wedding_2146.jpg
rustic grace country wedding_2148.jpg
rustic grace country wedding_2155.jpg
rustic grace country wedding_2157.jpg
rustic grace country wedding_2159.jpg
rustic grace country wedding_2160.jpg
rustic grace country wedding_2166.jpg
rustic grace country wedding_2173.jpg
rustic grace country wedding_2177.jpg

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